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RoBe Event: “Competition in the 21st Century” by Prof. Dr. Marc Gruber

March 29, 2017, IBM, Zurich

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RoBe Event: "Building the Confident Organization" by Prof. Richard Jolly 

April 26, 2017, Baloise, Basel

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RoBe Event: Info-Session

May 3, 2017, Bern, EMBA & CAS für VR

May 10, 2017, Zurich, EMBA


RoBe Event in Cooperation with Schroder & Co Bank AG

May 17, 2017, Zurich


RoBe Event: Info-Session

September 7, 2017, Bern, EMBA

September 28, 2017, Zurich, EMBA






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Event Organizer
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