Students of the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA

The quality of an executive MBA program depends not only on its curriculum and faculty but also on its participants.  Even though much of the content is taught either by faculty or via books and other learning materials, the exchange with fellow students is a crucial point and marks approximately 1/3 of the learnings.  

Therefore, the composition of the class plays an important role. Classes of the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA Program are very heterogeneous. Participants have backgrounds ranging from business to engineering to medical studies. They work in different industries and different functional areas.

Learning from peers takes place both in discussions and interactions during the lessons as well as in project work that is done at home. During the program, students work in different teams over a certain period of time. Additionally, each class is joined by the parallel U.S. EMBA class on different occasions.

Study teams

Study teams are an integral part of the program. They give students an opportunity to work with participants from different industries, educational backgrounds and countries, to learn from each other, and to develop their teamwork abilities and leadership skills. Study teams meet regularly outside of class to review lectures, prepare class assignments, and work on projects. Throughout the program, students will be part of three different teams.


Student progress

Student progress is monitored through homework, case studies, exams, and team projects. All the assignments connect the knowledge acquired in class to practical application. Students are graded in each class according to the U.S. grading system. No dissertation or thesis is required for the degree, but students must complete the capstone project successfully.

Class Profile

Each class brings together men and women with different backgrounds. They differ in gender, citizenship, education, professional function, and industry. Please find the class profiles here.


Alumni Mentoring Program

In our Alumni Mentoring Program, we connect every current EMBA student with an alumnus of our program who supports him/her in the following matters:  

Sounding board: how to succeed in difficult business situations
Career advice: how to bring their career to the next level
Door opener: how to connect with the right companies/people 

Supporting companies

A large number of companies have sent members of their organizations to the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA program. If you would like to find out if someone in your company has completed the program, please contact us.




The impact the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA had for Shannon Williams, Class representative of EMBA class 21/2015 and her class mates:


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Open Days

You are welcome to join our EMBA Open Days on regular classes to get an insider's view.