Benefits of our company-specific programs

Rochester-Bern’s company-specific programs and seminars bring tailor-made executive education with an optimal knowledge transfer into your company. They combine management theory and business experience to lead the management of your organization to the next level. Following our strengths:


Tailor-made curriculum

  • Programs/seminars are based on a thorough needs analysis
  • Topics, level, format, language, etc. are chosen to fit the company’s wishes


Optimal knowledge transfer

  • Programs/seminars are designed to real-life application
  • Contents are coordinated with top management and HR
  • People from different parts of the company work closely together
  • External and internal speakers bridge the gap between theory and practice


In-house degree programs

  • University degree is awarded for an internal program
  • Company invests in human capital and its reputation as an employer


Prof. Dr. Petra Joerg
phone +41 31 631 34 77