Program offerings

Rochester-Bern’s company-specific programs and seminars are built on successful courses in strategy, finance, general management, and leadership and are taught within the context of the client’s industry in general and the organization in particular – in all areas of business, for all levels of the organization, and anywhere in the world. Offered are:

  • In-house degree programs on master level (degree from the University of Rochester and/or Universität Bern) – please see example below
  • In-house degree programs on diploma and certificate level (diploma and certificate from the University of Rochester and/or Universität Bern)
  • Executive seminars and workshops on specific topics (for example strategy, finance, leadership, general management) – please see example below


Strategy Seminar (example) 

The seminar targets managers from different divisions of the company and aims at initiating a strategic thinking process within the organization. The audience of the seminar is the extended management team of the company. In the center of discussion are three important dimensions:
  • Who are the targeted (internal and external) customers?
  • What value proposition should be delivered to these customers?
  • How should this value proposition be delivered to the customers?


The concept of the value curve is used to define the winning customer value proposition. This leads to the creation of an activity system map that describes the business model and thus answers the third strategic question: how should the value proposition be delivered to the customers?

The workshop consists of an interactive presentation and breakout sessions in which teams of participants apply what they have heard to their departments. The workshop is the first step in the direction of strategic alignment. Following the seminar, the preliminary results are fine-tuned and developed further by using the concepts that were taught.


Master of Advanced Studies in General Management (example)

The program targets managers from different divisions of the company who want to deepen their management knowledge. The aim of the program is to enable participants to develop a solid foundation in core functional business disciplines, to think in a broader context, and to acquire the strategic perspective that is required for managerial decision making.

Besides academic knowledge, company-specific issues are addressed and neatly integrated into the modules. Participants can thus directly apply and link their newly acquired knowledge with company-related problems.

Possible topics are strategy, financial management, managerial accounting, leadership, change management, marketing, communications, and others – based on the needs of the company. Class discussions and projects focus on immediate application in the workplace.

The program consists of at least 9 modules, spread over 18 to 24 months. Every module is concluded with an exam. Furthermore, a diploma thesis is required which gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to an actual business problem.



Prof. Dr. Petra Joerg
phone +41 31 631 34 77