Program Development

During the development of the program, an intense cooperation between company and university is taking place.  The development process of a company-specific program or seminar consists of five phases.  It requires the commitment and involvement of both the top management of the company and the academic partner of Rochester-Bern.


Phase 1: Initial meeting

  • Corporate strategy and future challenges are described
  • Target group, objectives, and preliminary needs are discussed


Phase 2: Needs analysis

  • Strategy, culture, challenges, and needs of the company are analyzed in detail
  • Key strategic areas of the program / seminar are identified


Phase 3: Program design

  • Content and structure of the program / seminar as well as faculty are defined/aligned
  • Participants are selected and practical issues (e.g. place, schedule) are solved


Phase 4: Program delivery

  • Internal and external speakers present pre-defined topics
  • Lectures, group work and case discussions are combined


Phase 5: Program review

  • Evaluations during and after delivery are taken
  • Evaluations are discussed and necessary changes are initiated


Prof. Dr. Petra Joerg
phone +41 31 631 34 77