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Rochester-Bern Alumni/ae Organization

CAS Board of Directors graduates can join the VR-Circle, which provides a shared platform and regular events for cross-class exchange and continuous development even after completion of the program.

Member Benefits

Icon of Three Men in a Row – Refresher

Once a year, a half-day training session is held for VR-Circle members. The refresher is on a topic relevant to board of directors members and is followed by a networking aperitif.

Icon of a Network Symbol – Community
Moderated Network

As of summer 2023, the VR-Circle will feature an online platform to enable even better networking and to find fellow students and contact them directly. At the same time, the closed LinkedIn group will also be maintained.

Icon of a Flipchart – Keynote Lecture
Keynote Speakers
Presentations and aperitifs with keynote speakers from the current modules of the CAS classes will be open to VR-Circle members at no charge.
Icon of a Gear Wheel with Three Data Folders – Data Management
Data Management

VR-Circle members get access to the contact details (email, phone number, LinkedIn username) of other members via RoBe.

Icon of a House with Location Pin – Company Visit
Company Visits

We regularly provide the VR-Circle with exciting insights and presentations at companies from the RoBe network.

Icon of a Percentage Symbol – Discount

VR-Circle members benefit from a 10% discount on course fees when attending RoBe programs, courses or seminars in the future. The program advisors will be happy to give you more information.

Become a Member

Only graduates of the CAS in General Management for Board Members from Rochester-Bern can join the VR-Circle. Membership in the VR-Circle is established by payment of the membership fee and begins upon receipt of payment by RoBe.

The annual membership fee is CHF 185, which covers the VR-Circle expenses and most VR-Circle events. For single events participants will be charged a contribution towards expenses.

If you would like to become a member, please write to:


Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms & Conditions VR-Circle (PDF in German)

Claudio Loderer and Petra Joerg about the VR-Circle and the Leaders Circle

A Message from Us

“Alumni/ae represent the history and the future of a business school. They know better than anyone what Rochester-Bern has accomplished in its more than 30 years of existence and how our work has impacted their lives. But they also shape Rochester-Bern’s future by living our values, talking about us, actively recommending us.

Alumni/ae are part of our DNA and very important to the team. They are our family, encouraging us, challenging us, supporting us – and showing us every day that our work has a purpose. That’s why we want to accompany our alumni/ae even after graduation: by strengthening their network, encouraging their exchange, giving them relevant knowledge, involving them.

Thank you for your continued support.”

Claudio und Petra

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports and advises RoBe on organizing, planning, and developing the VR-Circle. 


Doris Forster

CEO, Member of the Board of Directors and Owner

Stephan Kocher

CEO and Delegatee of the Board of Directors
Saab Bofors Dynamics Switzerland Ltd

Claudia Müller

Region Manager
Berner Kantonalbank

Marc Riedi

Chairman of the Management Board Schweiz GmbH

Dominique Schmid

Chairman of the Executive Board a.i., Universitäre Psychiatrische Dienste Bern and Member of the Board of Directors of various companies

Sophie Winkler

President of the Foundation Board
FlyingLawyers, Owner and NAG

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