Educational Journey - Here is to the colors

Educational Journey - Here is to the colors

Thu Mar 31 07:14:44 CEST 2016

In February 2016, the Rochester-Bern Executive Program organized an educational journey to India. These are my very personal and incomplete impressions from an exciting adventure.

By Fabian Ringwald, Alumnus of EMBA Class 20.


The humming engines came to a stop, the vibrations ended and for a short moment there was silence. For the 500 passengers of the Swiss flight LX 147 the world seemed to have stopped before taking a deep breath again and starting the cacophony of life. Unstoppable. Overwhelming. All senses on overload, the subcontinent of India awaited us. "Please keep your seatbelt fastened until we reach the final parking position and the seatbelt signs are turned off" seemed to belong to a different world. It was not the mass of passengers returning to the city of New Delhi they call their home, ignoring the words of the first steward, that made us immediately aware that we had entered a different world. A world, in which bending rules and extending them using common sense was even higher valued than the absence of rules. And with the first ounce of tropical air that poured into the cabin through the opening doors we felt the heart and soul of India embracing us - there was an adventure waiting and we were curious where it might lead us. ...


To read the full text, please visit the Simonites website (see link below).

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