HERO’s Crisis Management – Evening Guest Lecture in Thun

HERO’s Crisis Management – Evening Guest Lecture in Thun

Fri Mar 04 08:05:51 CET 2016

We invite alumni and speakers to share their experiences about a specific business topic with our EMBA students several times a year. Since most information is of strategic importance, our students not only profit from real-world examples but also from confidential insights.


A few months ago, we invited Ricardo Martos Tello, Director Trade Mark and Legal at Hero, and Dr. Stefan Bodenstab – a former Rochester-Bern EMBA student – to speak about the Crisis Management within HERO Group. They explained its structure, and depicted how such a system has been implemented since 2012. Furthermore, they described how its role has changed among the different priorities of the Group during the last years and illustrated some actual crisis management cases from third parties and also from the HERO Group itself.


One example was the milk powder scandal in China: In March 2013, a sub-distributor of the Chinese partner of Hero Group had been accused of tempering the imported baby formula «Nutradefense»., However, None of the HERO products sold in China were ever found to be unsafe neither a quality or safety issue with the infant formula had been detected.


Based on this case, the two speakers illustrated how crisis related topics nowadays can be easily spread due to globalization and digitalization and thus cause damage to the company’s image. They highlighted the importance of social media in crisis management and explained how HERO reacted to this scandal.  

The lecture finished by a challenging Q+A session from the students.

A big thank you to Stefan and Ricardo for the interesting insights!

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