Kiki Centre of Technology - journey to India

Kiki Centre of Technology - journey to India

Wed Feb 24 10:30:45 CET 2016

Anjali Foundation – under the brand name of Kiki Centre for Technology – has established a high quality, manufacturing and skill development in the south of New Delhi with around 150 students undergoing 3.5 year courses along the lines of the European model of the “Berufsschule”. After the completion of the 1st training year, students have an opportunity to learn practically in company 4 days per week and 2 days theory and practical at the institute. After an insightful presentation from the CEO, the operations manager and the company advisory, the group enjoyed a tour through the facilities and had the chance to exchange with the students.



René, Class 13, COO of OLZ & Partners, an Asset Manager in Berne, Switzerland

As India has been a quite unknown universe to me, the lectures including a presentation by the Swiss Ambassador to India, Mr. von Castelmur, were very interesting an eye-opening. As a manager in a Swiss local firm, what I knew Indian firms for was mainly outsourcing of IT services. In this respect, the company visits, particularly the one to Tata Services, was showing us that there is much more they do and also a very big potential for future cooperation. My expectations to the company visits were therefore clearly exceeded. Last but not least, also the impressions of the more touristic part of our journey are very exciting and the experiences in the group of this “new” world will be unforgettable.



Barbara is working for the State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation – in charge of human resources matters, especially the coaching of our apprenticeships and social insurances including the case management by health issues of our employees.

A journey to India – what an exciting thought. And I am not being disappointed! Thanks to our visit at the New Delhi Sikh Temple and the holy food we are safely floating through the Indian traffic – sometimes a little wonder looking at the chaotic driving style! But I would never want to miss our day with the tuk tuk driver, who drove us safely around Delhi. I tried a lot of unknown food and the taste was an explosion of spice and fire in mouth and brain. And together with our travel guide Anuj I explored little Ayurveda shops in Noida, where I became an attraction myself (also due to my pink running shoes). I’ll be sure, later back home I will be grateful and full of impressions – especially when looking at my wooden horse or the other souvenirs which all bring little stories with them!

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