Our games begin August 29!

Our games begin August 29!

Fri Aug 12 07:40:00 CEST 2016

Compete in our online business simulation game, test your business sense, and win a scholarship up to CHF 25,000 for the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA.

During our Scholarship Competition, you are the CEO of your own firm and responsible for business decisions involving market entry, operations, and marketing. Over the course of three weeks, you will make progressive decisions to expand «your» business and compete against others in a global marketplace.


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Statement of last years’ finalists

Elisa Munafò Pannatier, EMBA Class 22/2016

«I really enjoyed participating to the scholarship competition for two main reasons. First, the simulation game represented a smart balance between theory and practice. I was able to learn a lot of useful concepts within a short period of time. Secondly, it proved to be a powerful tool for business model testing.  I had the opportunity to implement my own strategy of doing business and immediately got a helpful feedback about its strength and limits. I would recommend the scholarship competition to anyone who wants to have fun while learning, an excellent introduction to the EMBA.»


André Siegert, EMBA Class 22/2016

«The scholarship competition was a great and extremely exciting experience. The experiment to be the CEO of your own company and to analyze the market, your competitors and to identify further potential for your own business to gain market share and increase financial profits, provided a good insight on drivers at hand to drive business performance. In direct competition with other players, it was a real roller coaster of emotions.

In a complex structure, the experiment provides a complete overview of how the individual aspects of a business need to be balanced in order to be successful, from Planning over S&M, Production, Finance up to reporting and analyzing.

It provides a lot of insight into day-to-day decision making and how these decisions impact one’s business. This was a very good basis to get a general overview on what you may expect – the program itself provides further insight as to why certain decisions impact the business the way they do. This will be an excellent basis of developing this so much discussed and anticipated entrepreneurship to be a successful future leader.

Open your mind and take this unique journey as a first step of a life-changing experience.»

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