Rochester-Bern EMBA alumnus Marco Fumasoli is the new Head of Asset Management and Chief Investment Officer at Investas AG

Rochester-Bern EMBA alumnus Marco Fumasoli is the new Head of Asset Management and Chief Investment Officer at Investas AG

Tue Aug 30 09:48:34 CEST 2016

In August 2016, Rochester-Bern alumnus Marco Fumasoli (class 16, 2010/2011) assumed his role as Head Asset Management, Chief Investment Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Investas AG, an independent and FINMA approved Asset Manager based in Bern.

He leads a team of portfolio managers and is developing the portfolio management to the next level by implementing state-of-the-art tools that comply with regulatory authorities. Other tasks include increasing assets under management in the next years and setting-up new investment funds.


How has the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA prepared you for the new position?

At my previous employer [Previs Vorsorge, where he worked for almost 4 years] I had to insource asset management know-how and to establish a modern portfolio management structure as well. Once implemented, we were one of the only Swiss pension fund with own investment funds that were managed by ourselves (Asset base of CHF 2.7 billion). Management competence, setting the right priorities and establishing well defined structures within my department were key to our success. Competencies that were taught within the Rochester-Bern EMBA course.


Who is Investas AG? What sets it apart from other Asset Managers?

In 2015, Investas AG and vFischer merged to become the vFischer Holding AG. Investas was well known as a modern, fast growing and straight forward asset manager, founded in 1997. vFischer, on the other hand, had a very long tradition within the attorney and real estate business.


Investas as a subsidiary of the vFischer Investas Holding AG provides asset management solutions to private and institutional clients. Within the holding-structure, other subsidiaries (e.g. vFischer Recht; vFischer Immobilien) are able to support any needs our customers may have and therefore Investas is able to offer the whole value chain to their clients. Such a setup is simply unique.



What part of your new role and responsibilities are you particularly excited about?

To work within a privately held company, providing first class asset management service to all groups of clients and with the possibility to become partner in the near future is like a dream come true. The whole team is fully motivated to push the asset management to the next level, ready for the future.


The new role as Head Asset Management and CIO enables me to determine different asset allocation strategies and to launch new investment funds as well. I like being measured for my efforts and therefore, I do not want to miss any opportunity to compare my performance with my peers.

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