A reunion, a wedding and a cervelat instead of Rio - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

A reunion, a wedding and a cervelat instead of Rio - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Wed Aug 23 15:56:05 CEST 2017

by Ines Michel


To be honest, two weeks ago, I was not very enthusiastic about going back to school again. After spending a couple of warm summer days in Austria, I arrived in class in an easy-going summer holiday mode. Relaxing in the sun, enjoying BBQ evenings and doing some sports were my daily activities. But certainly no thought was given to Valuation, Financing or Capital Markets…

But since all things come to an end, I started on time with the preparation for our first weekend in Thun. By the way, most of my colleagues felt the same way: holiday time flew by.


Reunited in Thun

“Coming to Thun and seeing all the familiar faces felt great”, one of my classmates put into words, what nearly everybody thought. Last Thursday at 8:45 am, the RoBe classroom in Thun was full of smiling and happy looking people, welcoming each other in the typical Swiss “three cheek kisses”-way.

More than half of the program is already over. Class 23 spent a lot of time together. We know what makes us tick and where our strengths and weaknesses lie. We participate in out-of-class activities – and this is exciting! As you can imagine, outside class a lot is happening! A further education such as an EMBA is a commitment that has many implications on one’s private life and means driving changes in your life. All my classmates decided to do this program for several reasons. We certainly wanted a change in our lives: to learn new things, to challenge ourselves and to have the best possible prospects for an excellent career.


Driving changes in your life

It is rather a careful guess than proven knowledge, but it seems that you are susceptible to changes in other parts of your life during such an executive program. I was surprised at how many of my classmates think about changing their jobs. Two of my classmates have already started in new positions. One of my classmates has recently quit his job and is looking for a completely new position in a different working environment. Mike, another classmate made a much more far-reaching decision in his life: next week he will marry! And since Mike is an EMBA student, he thought about the wedding dress in an unexpected way: “Well, the return of investment for a wedding dress is not that good, right”? And what will his dress look like? “My outfit is very simple: a chic suit and a bow tie”. Congratulations Mike J!


And what about the cervelat?

“Mentally I am fit and fresh – total relaxed”, Eva told me. She recently changed her travel plans from flying to Brasilia to staying in Switzerland for the 1st of August celebrations and have a perfectly grilled cervelat.





A glimpse into our Rochester classroom...

After lunch break. Valuation with Prof. Dr. Claudio Loderer. Total silence in the classroom.

Claudio: "Why are you so quiet? Is this the Post-Rochester Syndrome? Or the Post-Salad Syndrome? Class! You should not eat salad! Eat meat and carbs!"