Changing your job during the EMBA program – about challenges, concerns and taking chances - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Changing your job during the EMBA program – about challenges, concerns and taking chances - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Fri Oct 27 02:26:00 CEST 2017

by Ines Michel


In one of my last blog entries I wrote about driving changes in your life and that I was surprised, how many of my classmates strive for a change in their professional career – do you remember? But is it really a good idea to change your job during the program?


Why are you looking for another job?

The reasons for a job change are often very similar: “After making the decision to start the EMBA program, I also started to think about a change in my professional career”, were the statements of Saskia and Cornel, two of my classmates. “It was time to take the next step forward”. Henning and Philippe, two other classmates, had slightly different reasons for a job change. Henning decided to join the EMBA program to improve his personal skills. “My employer was not fond of the idea, as it was not in line with my job”, he states. “I thus had to find a solution, which ultimately led to a new job opportunity”. Philippe told me, how the EMBA program already changed his way of thinking. He wants to apply his newly acquired financial knowledge to a completely different job.


What does a future employer think when you study part-time?

“During the interview, they benevolently took note of the special situation I am in”, Philippe said. But the next question he was asked: “When will you graduate and when can we fully count on you?” A prospective employee who balances a challenging further education and a new job is not always the employers first choice. Looking for a new job during the EMBA program you must be ready to deal with concerns and prejudices. “The contents of the EMBA program were not discussed much during the interview”, Henning said. “The employer rather focused on the double workload and how this could affect my job performance.” Fortunately, this is not a general point of view. Saskia made a completely different experience: “The further education was no big issue – my new employer appreciates my commitment to further educate myself.” Deciding to join a further education program always makes a statement: it shows that you are highly motivated and willing to learn – a combination every forward-thinking employer is looking for. I will write about this crucial topic in one of my future blogs.


Would you recommend a job change during the EMBA program?

“Of course, it is not the best time to change your job during the program, it is a challenge”, Saskia points out. “Many topics inside the EMBA are new and the learning pace is high – it is likely that you will face a similar situation in your new job.” Also, Cornel and Henning share the same experiences. „It is though,“ Cornel told me, „you should not underestimate the time you need to invest for studying.”

It  looks like it is not the best time to start a new job during the EMBA program. But honestly, would you reject a great opportunity because of an arising challenging situation? You would not. “You notice when the right moment for a change has come”, Philippe summarized. And when this moment is during the EMBA program? „Then you have only one chance.“ Henning summed up: „Zähne zusammenbeissen und durch!”




A glimpse into our Rochester classroom…

In an analogy between multilateralism and the impact of global business strategy, Professor Abraham stated: “Imagine you invite a female student from your course to a bar and she brings along all of her friends – are you still willing to pay for everybody?” For a long time there was silence in class – until one of my male classmates asked: “Willing or able?”