Earth to class: About unique professors and their diversity... EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Earth to class: About unique professors and their diversity... EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Tue May 23 15:01:37 CEST 2017

by Ines Michel


“Many thanks for returning”, Professor Karl Schmedders typically welcomes us at the beginning of every statistics lesson with this short sentence. Maybe he experienced that students don’t return to his class? Well, at a first glance the course outline sounds not very attractive: binomial distribution, confidence intervals, hypothesis test, multiple regression – lots of data, formulas and different variables. But you know what? “Schmedders matters”, as Prof. Claudio Loderer said, and this is not an empty promise. Enthusiasm and passion for statistics became apparent in every single lesson Prof. Karl Schmedders taught. Especially when things became complicated, which he always indicated with another important sentence: “earth to class” …


Teachers’ diversity is a big plus for academic studies


Nevertheless, as you might imagine, we do not only learn statistics during our EMBA Program. There are more subjects and of course quite a few professors. “All faculty members bring their own strengths into the classroom you can benefit from”, CEO of the Rochester-Bern Program Petra Joerg points out, “they all have different styles you need to embrace in order to get the best out of the course.” In addition, diversity inside the faculty team tends to result in various ways of teaching and this is as well is more interesting for students. “I like differences between the teachers”, Christoph - one of my teammates - points out. “They give their topic a personal touch and pep it up with their engagement.”

So far, class 23 was mainly taught by European teachers. But what about US teachers? Are they slightly different? Perhaps they apply other teaching styles? I will let you know soon!


The Rochester countdown


Our program in the US started yesterday with a general orientation, followed by the first class in “Capital Markets” – but first things first: My classmates and I had a lot of things to organize last week. “The upcoming week is going to be a tough week, closing all open topics and handing over my current projects”, my teammate Josu told me, “I have a business trip to Mannheim, Germany and then it is time to pack for Rochester.” Also Dirk, another teammate, has a full agenda in the upcoming week. “Fulltime work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I expect 16 hour days.”

Nevertheless, class 23 got ready for the departure to Rochester and now we are ready for an old tradition: “Remember to plant the tree”, our prof Claudio Loderer told us last Saturday. Of course, it is a point of honor for class 23 to continue this tradition!





A glimpse into our classroom...

I asked my teammate Dirk what he is going to do first, after arriving in Rochester. He told me: “Since I am the first one on the ground in Rochester, I volunteered to get a proper coffee machine for our team”. To me this sounds like a great idea, especially when remembering the regular coffee which is normally served in the United States