It’s all about creativity – a day in an EMBA student’s life / <br> EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

It’s all about creativity – a day in an EMBA student’s life /
EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Tue Apr 04 08:53:00 CEST 2017

by Ines Michel


“We will arrive in Thun main station” – a short clicking noise and the gentle voice in the loudspeaker falls silent again. It is Thursday evening, 9pm - cold, rainy, and dark outside. I stash the financial accounting book in my handy red carry-on bag and grab my coat, cap and gloves. I’m thinking about taking a taxi for a second, instead of waiting for the next bus – a short drive in a comfortable car - it could be so relaxing… but you know what? I get out of your comfort zone and walk to the Hotel Seepark! Since the beginning of the EMBA, I am pretty used to leaving my comfort zone and after a short 15-minute walk along the Aare I arrive at the hotel.


It’s really funny. Even after this short time, it feels like coming home. Some of my peers have already arrived and we enjoy a drink at the bar, relax and exchange the latest stories and happenings about family and friends. Of course, we also speak about our studies and current in-class topics.


Our first in-class exam


Since last week, it is obvious that nearly everyone has a new focus: How do you prepare for the exams?  The past weekend we had our last class in managerial economics with Professor James Brickley. The final exam is scheduled for the next weekend - our first in-class exam!   Of course, there are numerous ways of preparing for a final exam. Everyone has a different studying style. Some of my peers are auditory or visual learners, others learn while reading and writing. Since most of my peers - myself included - attended classes and wrote exams a long time ago, it’s still a challenge to identify what studying style works the best for you. For example: Some put sticky notes with hard-to-remember facts on the computer, others listen to podcasts of lectures while eating breakfast (your partner will love this…!) or read managerial economics during a workout endurance session on the indoor cycling bike – just to mention a few… Believe me, class 23 is very creative!


But what if…


It is not only about the creativity of our learning styles. After all, what is the benefit of planning your learning sessions when your mother-in-law phones you because the washing machine doesn’t work? Or you are so terribly tired that you need a couple of coffees and two matches to keep your eyes open? It’s tough to be enthusiastic if you are dead tired. Find out more about learning conditions and how my peers and I cope with challenges in my next blog!





A glimpse into our classroom...


“Do you have any experience in a leadership role?”

“Well, I am the admin of a WhatsApp group.”