It’s Capstone Project pitching time! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

It’s Capstone Project pitching time! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Tue Dec 05 12:59:33 CET 2017

 by Ines Michel


The Rochester-Bern EMBA is not only about theoretical learnings, interesting and challenging classes and exams. During the next months, we will challenge ourselves with a totally different task. The so-called “Capstone Projects” are launched!


But what is a Capstone Project?

A Capstone Project is a business plan we write in small teams using everything we have learned so far. The setup is variable, almost everything is possible. Our Capstone Project may deal with the realization of a business idea, a problem faced by a student’s own company or with a project of an external organization. For more than 20 years, Rochester Bern EMBA students have come up with awesome and unique projects. Have you heard about Cookitup, the future digital kitchen? Or a business idea that saves lives? Discover more examples of past Capstone Projects on the RoBe website


Be creative!

During the last couple of weeks, we explored business ideas and possible projects and presented them to our class in order to find team members. Marco, one of my classmates, even came up with three different ideas! But how do you explore new business ideas? Obviously, that’s easier said than done. For me it was very helpful to share my rudimental thoughts about potential business ideas with some of my classmates, my friends and my partner. Perhaps, you will get to the point when your classmates and friends get excited and your partner encourages you - so, you wonder… could my idea be a real business? How can you tell if your idea is good enough? And how can you justify your idea so that you can take it to the next stage? A great topic for one of my next blog entries – stay connected J. 


Time to form teams and pitch ideas

So, the ideas are on the table and it is time to form the Capstone teams! A short discussion during the coffee break, a beer at the bar – it was pretty easy to create good teams. And we started working straight away. In two weeks, each team will pitch its best three ideas in front of our class and professor Dr. Anu Wadhwa. After that, we will choose exactly one idea for our Capstone project. We are looking forward to an interesting session! I will keep you updated!




A glimpse into our Rochester classroom…

As one of my classmates Marco would say: “Live is a pitch…”