Logistics 4.0 meets Industry 4.0

Logistics 4.0 meets Industry 4.0

Wed Oct 18 14:56:00 CEST 2017

in cooperation with Swiss Post


The panel discussion on October 17, 2017 at Swiss Post in Bern, hosted four experts in their individual fields: Daniel Gerber (Head of Innovation, Swiss Post), Jasmin Bigdon (Head of Corporate Development, SBB Cargo), Philippe Huwyler (Director coop@home, Coop) and Dr. Robert Boute (Full Professor of Operations Management, Vlerick Business School). 


Nothing short but the future of logistics was on the table, when Daniel Gerber, Jasmin Bigdon, Philippe Huwyler and Dr. Robert Boute joined to discuss the convergence of industry 4.0 with logistics 4.0. On the theory of the Physical Internet, laid out by Dr. Boute, the discussion quickly evolved from the big buildings blocks of b2b logistics into a more retail and b2c oriented perspective. The lively debate amongst the panelists was fueled by spot on observations and critical questions from a very interested audience.


The final conclusion was that today's already highly yet individually optimized logistic networks are about to change into a common network, where efficiency gains beyond 30% seem plausible. The technical challenges will be solved with the help of an ever growing mobile and stationary Internet of Things and a continuing orientation towards customer value creation. The main hurdle today probably lies within the culture of doing business (my network vs. your network) and the questions of value capture in a world that is already rather commoditized and faces very low margins.