Rochester is calling - Let’s get our visas! / <br> EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Rochester is calling - Let’s get our visas! /
EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Wed May 03 10:47:00 CEST 2017

by Ines Michel


It feels like yesterday that we started with the EMBA preparation courses. I didn’t know any of my future class- and teammates and had uncertain feelings about going back to school again. And now we are already eight weekends into the program and only one month short of going to Rochester, USA! „Every Alumni keeps telling me what an unforgettable summer they spent in Rochester - so yes, I am really looking forward to this experience“, my classmate Fabian gets right to the point – class 23 is excited to go to Rochester soon!


Appling for a US VISA? Strictly follow the process!


“In contrast to many other applicants, who were turned down at the embassy as a result of incomplete documentation, all participants of the RoBe EMBA program obtained their confirmation on the first go. We were carefully guided through the process so that even the most confusing ‘officialese’ became clear.” Like Philipp, most of my classmates made the same experience.


In the beginning, the process sounded confusing: complete the I-20 form, which – once completed – becomes form I-901, obtain a SEVIS confirmation, then prepare the DS-160 form, answer an online form containing a lot of strange questions. I thought they were joking: you had to list all countries you travelled to in the past 5 years, you had to disclose all of your previous employers or the history of your military career – a research into your own past! After wiring the Visa fee, you were invited to schedule a personal appointment at the embassy.


The US embassy in Berne: tough security guys outside, friendly staff inside


Because of some hints from students, who had been to the US embassy before, I scheduled an appointment early in the morning to avoid long waiting times. I made the same experience as Marc, one of my classmates: “To be honest, I was positively surprised how easy the interview process at the US embassy went. It took me only 45 minutes. The appointment at 8:15am was definitely a good choice and helped to pass the process quickly.” As part of a perfect organization, US officials are world class in managing queues of people waiting. The staff at the embassy was friendly and easygoing.


So in the end, there is no need to worry: in order to obtain the confirmation on the first go, just strictly follow the VISA process. All of my classmates got their VISA easily!





A glimpse into our classroom...

 “Look at this distribution, this mess of data. Picasso must have been on steroids.”

Prof. Dr. Schmedders about the distribution of selected samples for highly accelerated life testing.