Take your time to discover Rochester, the State of New York and the American Way of Life - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Take your time to discover Rochester, the State of New York and the American Way of Life - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Mon Jul 10 10:44:00 CEST 2017

by Ines Michel


In my last blog, I told you about a typical school day in the Simon Business School catacombs, the old gym smell, challenging topics and our professors as well as about a couple of adventures we did during our Rochester summer. Do you remember? Well today I am going to tell you what we did in our spare time…


Rochester, the Flower City  

Rochester is a nice town along the Genesee River with cozy restaurants, freaky coffee houses and modern bars. And I can tell you: we checked out quite a lot of nice places! It is worthwhile to have a classmate, who always knows the best places in town. To give a short example: Eva discovered the Owl House. Imagine you stand in front of a typical American house, you take five steps up to the patio, you open the front door and a fully tattooed barkeeper welcomes you with a big fat smile while offering you a drink. That was the beginning of the first Class 23 Ladies night, including great food and some interesting girl talk…


Beside the city of Rochester, the state of New York offers many excursion possibilities. The famous Niagara Falls and the City of Toronto are only a stone’s throw away. Within a daytrip, you reach Boston or New York City. If you are looking for relaxing activities, you can visit the Finger Lakes or go on a hike in one of the famous State Parks. If you want to go on a fishing trip, make sure you have good sea legs – one of my classmates felt a bit sick after an extensive fishing trip on Lake Ontario. Nevertheless, the trip was very successful and the Class 23 fishermen had a tasty fish diner.


Exploring the American Way of Life

Besides fishing, sightseeing or hiking we explored the American Way of Life. Let me tell you: you drive the shortest ways with your car; you love the drive-through Starbucks or Wendy’s; you relish the 24-hour opening times of Wegmans, a regional supermarket with an incredibly fresh and amazing variety. By the way, this supermarket was Class 23’s BBQ “meat provider” during our four weeks stay.


A fun American thing we did one night was play a game of baseball. Strengthened by a delicious BBQ, we got ready for a baseball session at the official “U of R” baseball field. Of course, this was a beginner’s lesson. First, the coach introduced some rules. Then, we learned to use the baseball bat. What a challenge - but so much fun!


You see: our great time management – and occasionally the guts to keep some gaps - paid off. It was never boring in Rochester and we enjoyed our spare time, let the image below do the talking ;-).





A glimpse into our Rochester classroom...

One of our professors about the heavy workload:

“Some of you might feel some pressure about reading so much. Well, amnesty international hasn’t called me yet…”