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RoBe – The inside story /
EMBA Class 23 student's blog for all prospective students

Mon Feb 06 11:02:10 CET 2017

by Ines Michel

Considering a further education? Wondering what the Rochester-Bern EMBA (RoBe) can offer? Concerned about the unknown? Why not take advantage of the opportunity to see beyond the sales literature and into the classroom? – I am about to embark on the life-changing journey of the Rochester-Bern EMBA and if you decide to follow my blog for the next 18 months, you will be privy to a birds-eye view!


Feel my excitement, coupled with equal measures of trepidation and apprehension; meet my peers and find out how diverse the class really is; understand our motivation and goals, and experience through me, first hand, what it is like to be a participant in one of the most prestigious and well-respected EMBA programs both here in Switzerland and internationally.


My motivation to do an EMBA


So, what brought me, Ines Michel, a Sport Science graduate of the Cologne Sports University, to sign up to such a big program?


I have spent the past eight years in sports and public management. This experience, without doubt, honed and developed my skills of leadership, team working, operations and strategy. Most recently, I was incredibly proud of the new strategy I successfully developed and implemented during my management role at the Swiss Shooting Federation, which saw the Swiss Shooting team bring home a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics.


My partner's job recently brought us to Austria and I realized moving to a new country was the perfect time to take on a new challenge. I saw the EMBA as a way to diversify my professional interests, to enhance the practical management experience already gained in my career with academic knowledge in business administration, and as a vehicle to make the transition from non-profit organisations to the corporate world. I am looking forward to acquiring the general management toolkit, to come away with both strong financial skills and a strategic, holistic perspective and to be challenged by the views of individuals representing a broad spectrum of functions and industries. A further goal is to extensively expand my professional and personal network.


What attracted me specifically to the Rochester-Bern EMBA?


The bi-weekly format appealed to me as it has enabled me to continue to work and to commute from Austria. The unique dual degree was definitely attractive as I can see myself working in an international environment, if not abroad, and having a degree that is recognized internationally would be beneficial if not critical to this move.


The market is saturated with EMBA programs and it can be extremely difficult to choose the best one that is most suited to you. What helped my classmates and I was either the transparency of the Open Day offered by RoBe, a conversation with an alumnus sharing a similar background, or the in-depth application process which involves among others an interview with the Academic Director and founder of the program Claudio Loderer, whose vision was also one that inspired. The process assured me that RoBe wanted to give me every opportunity to discover if their program really was the best to meet my needs and aspirations. The excellent customer care I received and have been promised will accompany me throughout the 18 months was also influential in my choice.​


In terms of your decision-making, the best advice I can give you here is to make sure you visit each shortlisted school to allow you to benchmark one against the other and to gain that all-important gut feeling. Delighted with my own decision, I am really looking forward to the personal growth and development ahead and to know that I won't be facing the challenges alone instils me with confidence and courage as I embark on this journey into the unknown.

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