Time to study full time - be prepared to engage in a new experience! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Time to study full time - be prepared to engage in a new experience! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Wed Jun 21 16:53:06 CEST 2017

by Ines Michel


Let me begin with how I imagined the stay in Rochester would be: hot and sunny summer days, refreshing university halls, fascinating lectures and interesting discussions, BBQs at night and time to discover the state of New York. As you can imagine, this is not what we did. The curriculum of the Rochester trip contains three time-consuming courses, many assignments, readings, discussions and a few exams to say the least. However, once settled in we realized that with great time-management and focused study sessions we could still do some exploring and go on a couple adventures!


A school day in the Simon Business School catacombs

A typical school day in Rochester starts at 8:30 in the morning. Most of us arrive by car but some of us by bicycle – the self-constituted Rochester Riders, sometimes a group of eight! Once at the university, we make our way to the Simon Business School lounge and classrooms in the catacombs, the basement of the old dignified Schlegel Hall. Some arrive already half an hour earlier to enjoy the wonderful small breakfast in the cozy lounge: a room with a big table in the middle, comfortable old chairs, sofas and an antique pendulum clock. And guess what? Every single morning the Rochester team welcomes us with a big smile. What a perfect way to start a school day! After breakfast, we get started: two lectures before lunch and two after. Classes are held in a small lecture auditorium without windows, small workbenches and an “old gym smell” – we have no choice but to focus on the lectures. Happy to escape the room, we spend every break outside on the beautiful campus.


Capital Markets, Organization & Strategy and Information Systems for Management

These were the three courses for our four-week stay in Rochester. Besides very complex topics, our professors were so different in terms of teaching methods and academic statements that every lecture was a new challenge. The only way to successfully complete a course was to strictly follow the syllabus and to be open to different teachings and grading structures. One example that led to several discussions, fervid conversations and different positions was the fact that 25% of your final course grade was participation in class, discussion rounds with the American EMBA class, and mutual evaluations. However, to master this challenge is another skill that Rochester-Bern teaches you: learn for life.


Summing up, we had a challenging study time in Rochester, but we made it! And we learned a lot! Every one of us will take a backpack full of experiences, knowledge and emotions back home...





A glimpse into our Rochester classroom...

A discussion about employees’ protection against dismissal in Italy.

Prof: “It is easier to kill somebody than to fire somebody”.

Student: “Well, it is definitely cheaper…”.