Welcome to paradise - a very warm welcome to Rochester. EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Welcome to paradise - a very warm welcome to Rochester. EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Mon May 29 08:12:23 CEST 2017

by Ines Michel

After a long and tiring nine hours intercontinental flight from Frankfurt to Toronto, I was happy to see the familiar faces of my classmates. They travelled from Zürich to Toronto and we met in Toronto at customs. The entry with our F1 VISA worked without any difficulty. Waiting at the gate for our connecting flight to Rochester we started joking about the airplane which was supposed to bring us safely over Lake Ontario. Some of our classmates, who had already arrived in Rochester told us a couple of scary stories, but we felt very comfortable: this aircraft can’t be that bad – right?


Adventurous journey over Lake Ontario


Unfortunately, our classmates were not too bad in describing the apparent condition of our aircraft. We entered a Beechcraft 1900 - a 19-passenger, pressurized twin-engine turboprop fixed-wing aircraft. The wings looked a bit dirty. But the steward, who was also the pilot, told us that there is no need to worry: the wings are a bit dirty because of the last engine failure. OK, got it. Luckily, we arrived safe and sound at the Rochester airport with a very warm welcome from a staff member: “Welcome to paradise. This is not the Caribbean, this is even better!” 


Studying in Rochester = away from home


But this is probably not a Caribbean summer, it’s a Rochester summer! All my classmates are aware that the upcoming four weeks are not easy going and we will have a lot of assignments, readings, discussions and exams to accomplish.

Already one week before our departure we received some reading material to prepare the Rochester courses. But if you prefer reading real papers – instead of reading on your tablet or computer - you might be a little bit shocked. Printing out every article and reading assignment, the papers will fill at least one A4 format folder. So much information! But learning and studying hopefully distracts us from another challenging topic: to be away from home. 

Marco, one of my classmates, found honest words for this challenge: “I’m super excited about this journey, but at same time I realize that I will leave my wife and 4 kids for a month. This needs some mental preparation, as this is the first time I’m separated from my loved ones for such a long period.” Other classmates use a completely different strategy: “My Rochester summer is divided into two parts. The first part is sharing the adventure with my family. This is important to me because I am often absent from home for school or work. The whole family is integrated in my education and part of the experience. The second part is to enjoy the group and get to know the different characters within the group.”

There are different ways to deal with this challenge. Important is, that you choose the right path for yourself.






A glimpse into our classroom...

After class in Rochester…

Student 1: “Studying? This evening? Let’s go and have some tasty rips.”

Student 2: Hold on, wasn’t it you who wanted to study this evening?”

Student 1: Oh yeah, I think that was my 8:30 am motivational push…”.