Executive MBA Class 23: Mastering Future Changes

Executive MBA Class 23: Mastering Future Changes

Thu Nov 23 08:23:33 CET 2017

During the “Transition Day” on November 11, 2017 in Thun the EMBA class 23 and invited alumni gained insights into the most relevant topics of today’s business world – sustainability, digitalization, change and leadership. Four renowned speakers from academia, consulting and the corporate environment shared their expertise.


In today’s dynamic environment, things are changing so significantly that companies need to have new structures and strategic approaches to ensure sustainability into business and meanwhile to be flexible to navigate the disruptions and changes in the market. Leaders must be efficient and effective, manage multi-layer and cross-cultural teams, and ultimately maximize the long-term return.


Living sustainability in management

“To slice the pie between employees and stakeholders or to make the pie bigger?” Dr. Alex Edmans, Professor from London Business School, TEDx talker, and Wall Street Journal expert shared his research on corporate social responsibility. Even though profit and stock return are important, a company should focus not only on shareholders, but also on other stakeholders such as employees, customers, and the environment. Long-run shareholder returns are a by-product of doing so, and a good measure of the extent to which a firm is behaving socially responsible.  


Gaining from digitalization

Digital technology has permanently changed the global business landscape. Consumers have been quick to adopt new technologies and expect businesses to adopt technology use at the same speed. Moreover, an increasing number of digital businesses are being created across various industries that focus on serving the needs of the modern consumers. “Traditional companies will need to undergo organization-wide transformation, which goes beyond implementation of a new technology solution, in order to thrive and remain relevant.” Kamales Lardi, a digital transformation strategist and dynamic keynote speaker, introduced an end-to-end approach to help business leaders navigate their organizations through the right transformation initiatives.


Mastering change in a dynamic environment

The COMET Group is a Swiss technology company. It has been consistently applying a strategy of marketing innovative products and technologies, and of accelerating the development of high-growth business segment. Thus, the company has generated robust growth since 2012. Eric Dubuis, CIO of COMET Group and alumnus of Rochester-Bern EMBA shared his company’s innovation strategy and mindset of Beyond Budgeting, leadership, and collaboration.


Leadership in a corporate context

Urban Ehret, CFO of SBB Passenger Traffic Division, has worked for banking, chemicals, and transportation industries at various managerial levels. Based on his own experiences, he illustrated that leadership is a constant journey of developing yourself, your team, your network, and your company. Leadership is challenging but rewarding. Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling five balls in the air – namely health, family, friends, work, and spirit – guess which ones are the glass balls and which is the only rubber ball?