UBS WM Master – welcome new class 9 (2017/2018)

UBS WM Master – welcome new class 9 (2017/2018)

Thu Jul 06 12:53:29 CEST 2017

Newly formed Class 9 started their WM Master journey a few weeks ago. Their first course focused on strategy and marketing. 33 participants from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, Spain and Switzerland joined together for an intensive week filled with academic insights from Rochester-Bern professors - Filip Caeldries (Strategy) and David Arnold (Marketing) - together with a number UBS best practioners.


WM Faculty Leadership and Strategy team linked UBS WM activities with strategy and decision making process theory. The WM innovation team addressed the question 'What is innovation?', and presented an overview of their current projects including 'Ask UBS' initiative using Alexa from Amazon. The class also gained deeper insights into UBS Branding and WM Marketing, including UNLIMITED. Further topics captured possibilities of digitalization in banking sector, omnichannel management and the use of big data in the industry. Participants were highly interested in these areas and actively discussed on how can we leverage presented ideas in daily work.


As a part of their first course, Class 9 had a chance to get familiarized with the context and the history of the WM Master program, as well as with the relevance and key features of Growth Projects – a key part of their WM Master experience. The program Graduates shared their best practices of the Growth Projects, as well as the advice on how to manage possible setbacks and challenges while developing their own business opportunities.


The participants, although challenged, finished the week motivated and engaged. They have gained broad knowledge of topics related to marketing and strategy, the insights into UBS 'global business environment and an outline of the future banking and wealth management ideas.