Goodbye Thun – we are ready for the last EMBA challenges! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Goodbye Thun – we are ready for the last EMBA challenges! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students

Fri Mar 02 16:23:22 CET 2018

by Ines Michel


The last weekend in Thun is approaching. Will it be business as usual? Well, everything looks like a normal class weekend: the morning transfer with the Hotel Seepark shuttle bus, the obligatory arrival selfie; enjoying a first coffee and a petite appetizing croissant in front of your classroom; reunion with your classmates - chatting, joking, feeling happy. Although we are all very different and strong personalities, we have at least one thing in common: it looks like everyone loves his seat in the classroom. Maybe you will grin, but we actually have a - more or less - fixed seating arrangement, separated into “next to the window seaters” at the right side of our classroom and “the others” at the left side.


Twenty-one individuals…

Let us start with the “window seaters”: in the front you will find the clever guy who amazes with exact and clear statements. Next to him, a classmate with whom you would not love to conduct a political debate. Right behind them, the guy from the tiniest continent with a remarkable, natural sense of justice - surrounded by two exciting and intelligent ladies. Further back you will typically find a guy who could sell your grandmother high heels, another guy who could be a designated teller of fairy tales, a newly-married and freshly baked father and an amiable “fish”-man who finishes numerous statements within class discussions with his famous “and dot”. The window seaters are completed by a guy with the fabulous Italian cooking mother-in-law, another freshly baked father who speaks without any filter and the distracted looking guy in the back - sitting behind his computer, but having the full scoop on what is happening in class. And the others? They sit on the left side of the classroom – in the back you will typically find a guy with a droughty sense of humor and a guy radiating balance and tranquility.

The central block is formed by five classmates: a guy who acts as calf obstetricians during his spare time, a freedom-loving and always happy looking classmate and a guy who is always relaxed and loves to connect with people. In front of them sits a systematic and analyzing guy who challenges the professors with tricky questions and a classmate who purchased his wife a dog in order to have more time for his studies. The innovative guy who could be an independent inventor sits in the front row, right next to me.


… one team!

But why did I tell you about this seating arrangement and even more important, about my classmates? Because they are unique and exciting characters – we made Class 23 to what it is. And all of us made numerous weekends in Thun, some classes in Berne and the Rochester summer to what it is: an unique experience which none of us will ever forget.


What next?

Back to the intro of this blog: business as usual? Not at all. “I am happy that the EMBA completion is near, but I will miss the good times in Thun for sure,” Marco sums up what many of my classmates think. Happy to complete the next step toward the official end of the program, sad because we became fond of the Thun weekends. But there is still some work to do – we have not yet completed our mission: there are still three papers to write, one week in China including our last course and – of course – the Capstone projects! 





A glimpse into our Rochester classroom...

During our last class, Prof. Dr. Filip Caeldries told us: “You will fall in an intellectual abyss after the EMBA program.” A short moment of silence. “It will be great,” my classmate Tom responds.