San Francisco Salesforce visit: Fortune's title of best employer

San Francisco Salesforce visit: Fortune's title of best employer

Fri Jun 29 07:19:55 CEST 2018

Salesforce has forged a unique corporate culture and earned the 1st rank on Fortune list of best companies to work for.


Current Rochester-Bern EMBA students and alumni had the chance to visit the new Salesforce tower in San Francisco on the first day of the educational Silicon Valley journey. Besides social responsibility and artificial intelligence, the Salesforce team also dived into employee engagement and presented the respective Salesforce formula.


But let us start at the beginning. Why is employee engagement so important? In short: Happy employees = happy customers = happy stakeholders. That is why Salesforce puts a strong focus on the values, behaviours and experiences around their "Ohana" (family in Hawaiian) including employees, customers, partners and the entire Salesforce community.


Engaged employees are the starting point of Salesforce's success. Formula: culture + technology + data = employee engagement. So let us look at the three points:

  • Culture: Differentiator in employees' mind and greatest competitive advantage to attract and retain talent.
  • Technology: Way to keep employees engaged and offer instant support.
  • Data: Analysis to understand how employees could use tools to drive performance and deepen relationships with customers.