«Crashkurs für angehende Verwaltungsratsmitglieder»  

Auch bei Verwaltungsräten fallen die Meister nicht vom Himmel. Dabei sind Mitglieder solcher Gremien immer mehr gefordert, strategische Unternehmensführung und ihre Folgen und Risiken zu beherrschen. Aber man kann es lernen.


RoBe Event: Gaining from Disruptive Innovation (April 25, 2018) 

Which mind-set do we need in our companies to deal with disruptive innovation? How do we create a spirit of entrepreneurship and courage? What do we have to do to convince investors, users and clients of the opportunities that robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing, big data and many other recent inventions bring us?


RoBe in Shanghai: The Asian Way of Doing Business 

“As the Italian renaissance triggered a European renaissance, today’s renaissance of China is potentially a catalyst for a global renaissance.”

This was the farewell quote from David Gosset (expert in international relations and founder of the Europe-China Foundation) after having spent an interactive morning with our Executive MBA students, the U.S. class and alumni on the 64th floor of a central hotel in Shanghai.