RoBe Event: Gaining from Disruptive Innovation (April 25, 2018) 

Which mind-set do we need in our companies to deal with disruptive innovation? How do we create a spirit of entrepreneurship and courage? What do we have to do to convince investors, users and clients of the opportunities that robotics, virtual reality, 3D printing, big data and many other recent inventions bring us?


Simonites Kaminfeuer event: "Can a soccer club be run like a corporation?" 

The Simonites "Kaminfeuer" events are a rare occasion for RoBe alumni to get together in a small circle, pick an expert's brain and discuss their most controversial questions. They can enjoy delicious food and thought-provoking debates.


Economic Forecast 2018, by Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti and Dr. Daniel Kalt 

Ten years after the financial crisis: what happened and what might happen?

Find out more about our panel discussion "Economic Forecast 2018" by Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti and Dr. Daniel Kalt (January 16, 2018)


Executive MBA Class 23: Mastering Future Changes 

During the “Transition Day” on November 11, 2017 in Thun the EMBA class 23 and invited alumni gained insights into the most relevant topics of today’s business world – sustainability, digitalization, change and leadership. Four renowned speakers from academia, consulting and the corporate environment shared their expertise.


Transition Day: Change – Digitalization – Sustainability – Leadership 

«Challenges and opportunities for today’s executives»  How do you navigate change successfully? What does top management need to know about digitalization to steer their company accordingly? What is the philosophy of sustainable management? How do you position yourself strategically in a fast moving world?


Logistics 4.0 meets Industry 4.0 

Nothing short but the future of logistics was on the table, when Daniel Gerber, Jasmin Bigdon, Philippe Huwyler and Dr. Robert Boute joined to discuss the convergence of industry 4.0 with logistics 4.0...


Informationsveranstaltung CAS in General Management für Verwaltungsräte 

Rochester-Bern Executive Programs vermittelt genau diese Kernkompetenzen erfolgreicher Verwaltungsräte in ihrem Verwaltungsratsprogramm. Der Fokus liegt hierbei auf den spezifischen Bedürfnissen von kleinen und mittelgrossen Unternehmen (KMU). Gerne laden wir Sie zu unserer nächsten Informationsveranstaltung ein. 


Round-Table «Nachfolgefinanzierung» 

Jede Unternehmensnachfolge birgt seine eigenen finanziellen Herausforderungen. Gerade bei kleineren und mittelgrossen Unternehmen bringen diese Herausforderungen den Verwaltungsrat oft an seine Grenzen. Der Round-Table beleuchtet die wichtigsten finanziellen Stolpersteine von Nachfolgeregelungen und diskutiert die daraus folgenden zentralen Aufgaben für den Verwaltungsrat.


VR-Talk mit Dr. Rudi Bindella 

Am 17. Mai waren RoBe Alumni, Interessenten und Gäste zum VR Talk mit Dr. Rudi Bindella bei der Bank Schroder in Zürich geladen. In der interaktiven Veranstaltung ging es unter anderem um Themen wie Unternehmertum, Kultur und Werte, Nachfolgeplanung und Governance. Abschliessend gab es Gelegenheit zum Networking bei einem Apéro über den Dächern von Zürich.


Building the Confident Organization 

"When you are fighting off the alligators, it’s hard to remember you were trying to drain the swamp" ...  find out more about Visiting Professor of Leadership Richard Jolly's guest lecture here!


Cognitive Computing and Competition in the 21st Century: From "Industries" to "Competitive Arenas" 

Last night’s RoBe Event at IBM with Dr. Costas Bekas and Prof. Dr. Marc Gruber was a thought-provoking excursion. The journey covered everything from the cognitive revolution to the importance of new entrepreneurial mindsets in modern day companies. Both Bekas’ and Gruber’s speeches invited the audience to enter a fascinating world of new customer expectations, zettabytes and interindustrial strategies.


Teaser Lecture: The Economic Situation & Forecast 2017 by Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti 

Rochester-Bern’s latest Teaser Lecture was held by economics professor Dr. Aymo Brunetti at the Universität Bern and focused on the extraordinary interest rate situation, the normalization of the monetary policy and a forecast of 2017.


Free seats left for the Rochester-Bern Open Days in October! 

Gain a first-hand impression of the quality and atmosphere of the program and exchange experiences with students and faculty by sitting in on a regular class day.


The future redefinition of power in the world: Navigating Global Disorder 

Today, we live in a time full of challenges: big data, terrorism or migration are just a few occurrences that make our world more complex. In his philosophical guest lecture, the global affairs analyst and expert in international relations David Gosset gave an idea on how to navigate global disorder.


The problem with innovation 

In his guest lecture, Rochester-Bern professor David Arnold explained the problem with innovation from the customer’s point of view and outlined the principles of good and bad marketing of innovations.


Rochester-Bern Guest Lecture with David Gosset 

Brexit has added uncertainty to a world already defined by volatility and poses challenges to Europe’s and the world’s economy. What does Brexit mean for the EU’s and world’s future? Can we even benefit from it?


The Finance Function of the Future 

What does the finance function look like in the future? In his keynote lecture, Filip Roodhooft gave some interesting inputs, which can also apply to other functions of a company.


Guest Lecture in cooperation with SBB 

Rochester-Bern cordially invites you to a Guest Lecture in cooperation with SBB.  David Arnold, Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the London Business School, IESE, and CEIBS  will lead you into the world of innovation and highlight the crucial problems with product innovation from a marketing perspective.


Keynote lecture with panel discussion hosted by UBS 

UBS and Rochester-Bern cordially invite you to the keynote lecture with panel discussion on the topic of the Finance Function of the Future. The lecture will be held by Prof. Dr. Filip Roodhooft.


Creating Shared Value: Redefining the Role of Business in Society? 

Prof. Dr. Filip Caeldries’ guest lecture focused on Michael Porter’s concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV): What can businesses do for society and what are their benefits?



Guest Lecture with Prof. Dr. Filip Caeldries hosted by Baloise 

Baloise Group and Rochester-Bern cordially invite to the Guest Lecture with Prof. Dr. Filip Caeldries. In his talk, Caeldries will focus on the topic of creating shared value.


One year after the crucial decision by the SNB 

The Rochester-Bern Alumni Association – Simonites – are hosting an interesting panel discussion under the topic “One year after the discontinuation of the minimum exchange rate by the Swiss National Bank: assessment & outlook”. Four high-caliber panelists will give valuable economic and monetary insights for the new year.


Meet Rochester-Bern: Events 2016 

Throughout the year, Rochester-Bern organizes a number of events for their alumni and students as well for people interested in our programs. Also in 2016, you’ll have the opportunity to meet us at several occasions. The opening event of 2016 will be the Guest Lecture with Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti under the theme “Economic Situation: Forecast 2016”.


Panel discussion: Disruptive developments in business since 1995 – and what's coming next 

In 1995, the Simon School at the University of Rochester decided to enter the Swiss market with its successful Executive MBA program and cooperate with the Universität Bern.  Today, 20 years later, Rochester-Bern Executive Programs has developed into one of the key players for executive education in Switzerland, offering a variety of open programs and several company-specific programs for global, national, and local companies.