San Francisco Salesforce visit: Fortune's title of best employer  

Current Rochester-Bern EMBA students and alumni had the chance to visit the new Salesforce tower in San Francisco on the first day of the educational Silicon Valley journey. Besides social responsibility and artificial intelligence, the Salesforce team also dived into employee engagement and presented the respective Salesforce formula.


Einholen von Kunden-Feedback: So macht man es heute 

Echtzeit-Kunden-Feedback ist der Schlüssel zu einer besseren Kundenerfahrung – und damit zu Kundenloyalität und letztlich Unternehmenserfolg. Mit der here’n’now App hat Vladimir Riecicky, Alumnus des Rochester-Bern Executive MBA, ein neuartiges Online-Bewertungsportal entwickelt: eine Start-up Erfolgsgeschichte.


Marketing Challenges and Solutions in a Digital World 

What do not only a large cosmetics company, a telecommunications multinational, or an online education start-up, but also many other industries have in common?


你 好 - nĭ hăo! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

The company I work for recently bought the majority of a joint venture in China - for me, the class week in Shanghai was a great opportunity to dive deeper into Chinese culture and learn more about the Chinese economy.


Media release: 23rd EMBA graduation for Rochester-Bern students 

Today, Rochester-Bern Executive Programs are going to celebrate the 23rd graduation of the Executive MBA program, where graduates are awarded the degrees MBA by the University of Rochester and Executive MBA by the Universität Bern. For more information, kindly find the media release below.


Midsummer Night's Fair, May 25, 2018 

A sunny sky, a wonderful location, magical entertainment, melodious jazz, tasty wines and of course a great guest list – what an event!


RoBe in Shanghai: The Asian Way of Doing Business 

“As the Italian renaissance triggered a European renaissance, today’s renaissance of China is potentially a catalyst for a global renaissance.”

This was the farewell quote from David Gosset (expert in international relations and founder of the Europe-China Foundation) after having spent an interactive morning with our Executive MBA students, the U.S. class and alumni on the 64th floor of a central hotel in Shanghai.


How to tame the tiger and run the Marathon – EMBA Guest Lecture in Thun 

On February 24, the last course day in Thun with EMBA class 23, we invited Bernhard Vögeli, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Tavis Capital AG and Head of Operations at Evolution Equity Partners, to share his experience of both successes and failures as an entrepreneur and investor.


EMBA Dozent & Axpo Finanzchef Martin Schwab wird neuer CEO der Axpo Tochter CKW 

Martin Schwab, Dozent des Rochester-Bern EMBA Preparatory course in Accounting und CFO der Axpo Holding AG, übernimmt am 3. April 2018 die operative Leitung der Centralschweizerischen Kraftwerke AG (CKW). 


Getting excited about the idea of starting with an EMBA program? Your employer might have mixed feelings about it… EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

I did a little survey about the support Class 23 students received from their employers. Here is the outcome.


A warm welcome to the new EMBA class 24! 

This year, the yearly RoBe fondue event took place at the Restaurant Burehuus in Thun.


It’s Capstone Project pitching time! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

The Rochester-Bern EMBA is not only about theoretical learnings, interesting and challenging classes and exams. During the next months, we will challenge ourselves with a totally different task. The so-called “Capstone Projects” are launched!


Executive MBA Class 23: Mastering Future Changes 

During the “Transition Day” on November 11, 2017 in Thun the EMBA class 23 and invited alumni gained insights into the most relevant topics of today’s business world – sustainability, digitalization, change and leadership. Four renowned speakers from academia, consulting and the corporate environment shared their expertise.


On the Trail of James Bond - Rochester-Bern Executive MBA company-visit 

As part of the course “Operations Management” taught by Prof. Dr. Robert Boute, Rochester-Bern Executive MBA students of class 23 (2017/18) visited the OMEGA SA headquarters in Biel/Bienne. OMEGA’s recently opened production building was the perfect showcase for supply chain management.


Transition Day: Change – Digitalization – Sustainability – Leadership 

«Challenges and opportunities for today’s executives»  How do you navigate change successfully? What does top management need to know about digitalization to steer their company accordingly? What is the philosophy of sustainable management? How do you position yourself strategically in a fast moving world?


Management Science: Firm Rigidities and the Decline in Growth Opportunities 

Rochester-Bern Professors Dr. Claudio Loderer and Dr. Urs Wälchli recently published an article in "Management Science" with Prof. Dr. René Stulz. Find the full article below.


Changing your job during the EMBA program – about challenges, concerns and taking chances - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

In one of my last blog entries I wrote about driving changes in your life and that I was surprised, how many of my classmates strive for a change in their professional career – do you remember? But is it really a good idea to change your job during the program?


Macht ein Schweizer MBA Sinn? 

Braucht es für Schweizer ohne internationale Ambitionen überhaupt einen MBA? Immerhin geht es um eine teure Ausbildung – und sie hat Konkurrenz.


Führen: Das Richtige richtig tun 

Angela Matthes, Rochester-Bern EMBA alumna (Klasse 11/2005), im Interview mit Forbes. Angela Matthes hat den Change ihres Lebens vollzogen – und dabei ihr Team und viele Menschen darüber hinaus an der richtigen Stelle abgeholt. Die CEO der Baloise Life in Liechtenstein im Gespräch über das vermeintlich Unmögliche.


Are you a teamplayer? EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

Some people think there are plenty of reasons not to like teamwork. And this opinion is sometimes quite comprehensible: think about being forced to work with a narcissist or someone without appropriate social behavior. These are probably rather unpleasant perspectives for successful…


«Virtualität in der Sportvermarktung» - Handelszeitung 14. September 2017 

Rochester-Bern Executive MBA alumnus Lukas Gysin im Interview mit der Handelszeitung (Special MBA) vom 14. September 2017:


«Der ehemalige Wirtschaftsprüfer hat nach seinem MBA bei Rochester-Bern seine eigene Firma gegründet. Im Gespräch erzählt er von den Herausforderungen im CEO-Alltag.»


A reunion, a wedding and a cervelat instead of Rio - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

To be honest, two weeks ago, I was not very enthusiastic about going back to school again. After spending a couple of warm summer days in Austria, I arrived in class in an easy-going summer holiday mode. Relaxing in the sun, enjoying BBQ evenings and doing some sports were my daily activities. But certainly no thought was given to Valuation, Financing or Capital Markets…


Learnings from Silicon Valley – Rochester-Bern innovation journey 

During the Rochester-Bern innovation journey, our alumni and students visited several companies as well as entrepreneurs and experienced the “Silicon-Valley-spirit”. Following some of the learnings.


Gregory Bauer returns to Rochester 

We are happy to announce that Gregory Bauer will return to the Simon School of Business


Educational Journey to the Silicon Valley 

During the past 6 days, Rochester-Bern Executive MBA alumni and students have spent an exciting time in and around Silicon Valley to enhance their knowledge about latest technology trends.


Take your time to discover Rochester, the State of New York and the American Way of Life - EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

In my last blog, I told you about a typical school day in the Simon Business School catacombs, the old gym smell, challenging topics and our professors as well as about a couple of adventures we did during our Rochester summer. Do you remember? Well today I am going to tell you what we did in our spare time…


Media release: 22nd EMBA graduation for Rochester-Bern students 

Today, Rochester-Bern Executive Programs are going to celebrate the 22nd graduation of the Executive MBA program, where graduates are awarded the degrees MBA by the University of Rochester and Executive MBA by the Universität Bern. For more information, kindly find the media release below.


Time to study full time - be prepared to engage in a new experience! EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

"Let me begin with how I imagined the stay in Rochester would be: hot and sunny summer days, refreshing university halls, fascinating lectures and interesting discussions, BBQs at night and time to discover the state of New York. As you can imagine, this is not what we did..." Find out what the Rochester-Bern team was up to overseas.


Welcome to paradise - a very warm welcome to Rochester. EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

After a long and tiring nine hours intercontinental flight from Frankfurt to Toronto, I was happy to see the familiar faces of my classmates. They travelled from Zürich to Toronto and we met in Toronto at customs. The entry with our F1 VISA worked without any difficulty. Waiting at the gate for our connecting flight to Rochester we started joking about the airplane which was supposed to bring us safely over Lake Ontario. Some of our classmates, who had already arrived in Rochester told us a couple of scary stories, but we felt very comfortable: this aircraft can’t be that bad – right?


uniqFEED: Neue Realitäten schaffen 

Die Idee kam kurz nach Beginn des Rochester-Bern Executive MBA im November 2012. Wie wäre es, wenn man mit dem Input von TV Signalen ausschliesslich software-basiert aus dem geschnittenen Live-Weltsignal Übertragungen in Echtzeit modifizieren könnte? Wenn man damit Inhalte wie beispielsweise Werbebanner individuell anpassen könnte, um so spezifische Kundensegmente anzusprechen und die Möglichkeiten der begrenzten Werbefläche in Sportstadien zu vervielfachen? Und das alles elegant und schlank, ohne den TV-Workflow zu behindern?


Rochester is calling - Let’s get our visas! /
EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

It feels like yesterday that we started with the EMBA preparation courses. I didn’t know any of my future class- and teammates and had uncertain feelings about going back to school again. And now we are already eight weekends into the program and only one month short of going to Rochester, USA! ...


RoBe alumnus Cajus Erni new Finance Director at Bisnode Switzerland 

Rochester-Bern EMBA alumnus Cajus Erni (Class 5, 1999) is the new Finance Director at Bisnode Switzerland.


Is it all about Superwomen and Supermen? /
EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

As promised, today is all about the fundamentals of creating proper learning conditions: the EMBA student survival kit to perform in the program and master the upcoming challenges...


It’s all about creativity – a day in an EMBA student’s life /
EMBA Class 23 student’s blog for all prospective students 

“We will arrive in Thun main station” – a short clicking noise and the gentle voice in the loudspeaker falls silent again. It is Thursday evening, 9pm - cold, rainy, and dark outside. I stash the financial accounting book in my handy red carry-on bag and grab my coat, cap and gloves. I’m thinking about taking a taxi for a second, instead of waiting for the next bus – a short drive in a comfortable car - it could be so relaxing…


RoBe – There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch /
EMBA Class 23 student's blog for all prospective students 

What a start! After the first two course weekends it is obvious: this program is not only supposed to change the way you think, this program changes your complete daily business as well. Theory and knowledge of managerial economics or financial accounting, our first two courses, are almost omnipresent. During breakfast you think about opportunity costs – do you prefer eating a croissant rather than a toast?


RoBe – The inside story /
EMBA Class 23 student's blog for all prospective students 

Considering a further education? Wondering what the Rochester-Bern EMBA (RoBe) can offer? Concerned about the unknown? Why not take advantage of the opportunity to see beyond the sales literature and into the classroom? – I am about to embark on the life-changing journey of the Rochester-Bern EMBA and if you decide to follow my blog for the next 18 months, you will be privy to a birds-eye view!


Rochester-Bern alumnus Andreas Lutz appointed as new CEO of Fides Treasury Services 

Fides Treasury Services Ltd., a member of the Credit Suisse Group and the global leader in multi-bank connectivity and communications, today announced that Andreas Lutz, EMBA alumnus class 18/2012, has been unanimously appointed by Fides’ Board of Directors as chief executive officer effective immediately.


Rochester-Bern EMBA alumnus Andreas Moser – Vom Banklehrling zum Executive Director 

Die Handelszeitung hat Rochester-Bern Executive MBA alumnus Andreas Moser (class 20/2014) interviewt. Er spricht über seinen Weg vom Banklehrling zum Executive Director.


Rochester-Bern Executive MBA – Win-Win für alle Beteiligten (Sonntagszeitung 25.09.16) 

Wenn eine Führungskraft ein international anerkanntes Executive MBA-Programm (EMBA) besuchen möchte, so stehen Argumente wie vertieftes Managementwissen, karriereförderndes Netzwerk und prestigeträchtiger Titel im Vordergrund. Welche Vorteile aber bringt ein EMBA für den Arbeitgeber im KMU-Umfeld mit sich? – Ein kurzer Einblick am Beispiel des Rochester-Bern Executive MBA.


«Mit Selbstvertrauen führen», Handelszeitung Special MBA (16. September 2016) 

«Rochester-Bern bietet einen EMBA an, auch passend für Ingenieure und Architekten. Was sagt der Berufsverband?»


The EMBA class 22 concludes an industrious framework this summer at the University of Rochester 

While the Simon Business School might have been under heavy renovations, the Simon faculty and EMBA class 22 equally hammered away another successful summer program. (by EMBA student Noel Matos)


Rochester-Bern EMBA alumnus Marco Fumasoli is the new Head of Asset Management and Chief Investment Officer at Investas AG 

In August 2016, Rochester-Bern alumnus Marco Fumasoli (class 16, 2010/2011) assumed his role as Head Asset Management, Chief Investment Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Investas AG, an independent and FINMA approved Asset Manager based in Bern.


Rochester-Bern Prof. Filip Caeldries «Favorite Professor Of The ‘Best & Brightest’ EMBAs» 

Rochester-Bern Prof. Filip Caeldries is one of the «Favorite Professors Of The ‘Best & Brightest’ EMBAs» according to POETS & QUANTS!

Read the article here


Our games begin August 29! 

Compete in our online business simulation game, test your business sense, and win a scholarship up to CHF 25,000 for the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA.


Rochester-Bern Professor Karl Schmedders wins «Best Teacher Award» 

A recent graduate of the Executive MBA explains why she thinks Karl Schmedders has won the award. We asked Prof. Schmedders what this awards means to him and what message he wants to give students of his classes. Watch the video!


The Executive MBA class 22 arrives to the warm reception of the University of Rochester 

In the second week of June, the students of Class 22 made their way via New York, Toronto and Massachusetts to begin their summer program in Rochester. Greeted by the University of Rochester staff and some of their fellow MBA students, the scene was set for a successful start. (by EMBA student Noel Matos)


Media release: 21st EMBA graduation for Rochester-Bern students 

Today, Rochester-Bern Executive Programs are going to celebrate the 21st graduation of the Executive MBA program.


Rochester-Bern Open Day in Thun  

Candidates for the EMBA program are welcome to use the occasion to sit in on a regular class day in Thun, Switzerland to get an insider's view of the quality of coursework, faculty, and facilities of the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA. Watch the short film!


New interdisciplinary laboratory by Rochester-Bern professor Peter Bossaerts 

Peter Bossaerts is setting up a new interdisciplinary laboratory in Melbourne, where he brings together people from finance, economics, psychology, neurobiology and computer science, in order to bring behavioral finance to the next stage.


Rochester-Bern alumnus Lukas Gysin launches the joint cooperation uniqFEED  

The basis of Lukas Gysin's joint cooperation is his EMBA Business Plan Project.


Rochester-Bern alumnus shares his experiences during EMBA seminar in Shanghai 

During our Shanghai seminar, we invited a number of guest speakers to share their different perspectives of China with the participants. We were very pleased to welcome our Rochester-Bern alumnus Dieter Pfeifer as one of these speakers.


Rochester-Bern professor Robert Boute listed as one of the 2016 Best 40 Under 40 Professors! 

Poets & Quants listed Robert Boute (professor for the EMBA course Operations Management) as one of the Most Outstanding 40-Under-40 B-School Professors!


Rochester-Bern alumnus Albert Rösti is new president of SVP/UCD 

Rochester-Bern Executive Programs congratulates Albert Rösti for his new political position!


Rochester-Bern: China Seminar 2016 

Three things have fascinated me the most during our recent China seminar: the continued dynamics of the economy (1), the inventiveness of the Chinese people (2), and the dedication of both people and government (3). Still, there are quite some challenges to address in the years to come (4).


India discovery 

Looking back on our February journey to beautiful India recalls beautiful memories. India has welcomed us with open arms and we would like to thank everyone who helped us to turn our very first India visit into a success. Dhanyavaad!


HERO’s Crisis Management – Evening Guest Lecture in Thun  

We invite alumni and speakers to share their experiences about a specific business topic with our EMBA students several times a year. Since most information is of strategic importance, our students not only profit from real-world examples but also from confidential insights.


Win a scholarship! Register today 

Compete in our online business simulation game, test your business sense, and win a scholarship up to CHF 25,000 for the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA.


«Wieso Qualität ihren Preis hat», Special MBA der Handelszeitung (25.02.2016) 

EMBA-Vergleich: Warum soll man sich hierzulande für einen teuren Kurs entscheiden? Rochester-Bern nennt seine Argumente.


A warm welcome to Executive MBA class 22! 

The students of class 22 have begun their studies. We are very happy to accompany and support them through this rewarding and challenging time, and wish them a successful start!


Beta Gamma Sigma – a global network of the «Best in Business» 

The top 20 per cent of graduates from business programs accredited by AACSB International are eligible to join Beta Gamma Sigma – and this includes Rochester-Bern EMBA students.


Thomas Egger new member of PostFinance Ltd Board of Directors 

The EMBA alumnus Thomas Egger was elected as the new member of the PostFinance Ltd Board of Directors.


Rochester-Bern alumnus wins the first AAA-Award of SAMBAplus! 

Dr. Conrad E. Müller, graduate of class 1998/99 of the Rochester-Bern Executive MBA, has been granted the 2015 Annual Alumni Achievement-Award (AAA) by the Swiss Association of MBAs (SAMBA). The AAA-Award honors outstanding career performance and personal achievements of alumni who graduated from the world’s leading MBA programs joining SAMBA.


Panel discussion: Disruptive developments in business since 1995 – and what's coming next 

In 1995, the Simon School at the University of Rochester decided to enter the Swiss market with its successful Executive MBA program and cooperate with the Universität Bern.  Today, 20 years later, Rochester-Bern Executive Programs has developed into one of the key players for executive education in Switzerland, offering a variety of open programs and several company-specific programs for global, national, and local companies.