The Rochester-Bern EMBA: Navigate your career in times of uncertainty

Company mergers. New management. Uncertain job situation. Many companies in Switzerland – from finance to pharma – currently find themselves in transition and integration processes. Businesses are impacted by macroeconomic factors like inflation, humanitarian crises in war-ridden countries, global supply chain struggles and challenges filling job vacancies to name a few. This sea of uncertainty has amplified our need for a lighthouse – to guide us in a new direction, help create structure, and increase growth prospects despite the currents surrounding us. The beacon of light I am referring to is further education.

A full backpack is a life-vest

Precisely when companies are undergoing change processes, and our job situations are uncertain, further education is something we can plan for and manage. In the Rochester-Bern EMBA, for example, professors from top business schools share new frameworks and skills that we can apply to our current roles. In turn, we provide value for our employers, which allows us to be seen and considered for new internal roles. At the same time, filling professional gaps in areas such as economics, finance and general management helps to position us for career moves in new companies as well. 

New networks bring new opportunities

Going back to school is something to look forward to, not only to learn new skills, but also to broaden one’s network. At least one third of what executives learn during an EMBA is from their peers. In the Rochester-Bern EMBA, classes comprise of executives working in fields like public administration, finance, consulting, IT, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. Each working group boasts a range of functions, including HR, business development, controlling, project management, marketing, legal and engineering. As a result, classroom exchanges are interactive, as is the post-class apéro. Peers remain close contacts who hire one another, and guest speakers and alumni open doors to a wider marketplace. 

A modular approach provides a foot in the door

During corporate transitions, it can be extra challenging to receive approval for an EMBA, which requires a commitment to and from the company in terms of time and finances. Especially for times like these, the Rochester-Bern EMBA offers a solution: the chance to complete the program in parts. For example, executives who wish to pursue the entire EMBA start their studies with a certificate or diploma of advanced studies (CAS or DAS) and join the EMBA class for several months, with the option of completing the entire program within five years. Taking this approach allows us to top-up our backpacks, broaden our networks and manage our budgets despite the uncertainty we face at work.  

By investing in ourselves, we become the catalysts for change – and are better positioned to navigate our careers. In other words, the more uncertainty life throws at us, the more opportunities there are to catch. Let’s take the plunge and go for it!