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RoBe Connect: Leadership – One Size Fits All?

We'll discover the answer together with Philippe Ammann, Airline Captain and Guestspeaker in our CAS Leadership & Inclusion

SpeakerPhilippe Ammann

Philippe Ammann is owner and founder of Pilot Impuls, Airline Captain and FOCA accredited Crew Resource Trainer, Leadership Instructor for aspiring Airline Captains as well as guestspeaker in the CAS Leadership & Inclusion of Rochester-Bern Executive Programs.

Leadership – One Size Fits All?

Is there a universal leadership style that works in every situation? To answer this exciting question, we kindly invite you to our upcoming RoBe Connect Talk with experienced airline captain, human factors trainer and founder of Pilot Impuls, Philippe Ammann.

With his unique combination of aviation experience and business knowledge, Philippe offers a fresh perspective on the world of leadership. With “Pilot Impuls”, he supports companies in strengthening their leadership culture and promoting effective teamwork.

In this 30-minute presentation, Philippe will highlight the parallels between cockpit collaboration and business management. We will dive into topics such as team leadership, psychological safety, coordination and communication – essential aspects that are crucial in both aviation and the business world.

Find out how:

  • to lead and motivate teams effectively,
  • psychological safety improves team performance,
  • clear communication and coordination contribute to the company’s success,
  • and how collaboration in the cockpit can serve as a model for efficient teamwork.

This presentation is particularly suitable for specialists and managers who want to be inspired for their leadership skills.

Format: Online Talk followed by Q&A


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