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CAS Real Estate Finance

Degree Program for Real Estate Professionals

For successful real estate investments, it is important to be familiar with their valuation and financing. The CAS in Finance of the University of Bern with a focus on real estate covers these topics in detail.


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Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in Finance with Focus Real Estate
University of Bern
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Course start
September 25, 2023
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Seminarhotel Bocken
Horgen, Zürich
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Three course blocks of 4 days
Monday to Thursday, full days
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10 months
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Application Deadline
August 18, 2023
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Program Fees
CHF 13,900
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Attend individual blocks as Spotlight Course & receive course confirmation by IAZI AG.
Cost: CHF 3,900

Your Benefits

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Program with a University Certificate

Real estate specialist IAZI AG and Rochester-Bern jointly offer this CAS, including topics such as real estate valuation and portfolio management. Upon successful completion, participants receive a CAS in Finance from the University of Bern with focus on real estate.

Icon of a Monitor with a Mortarboard – Application-Oriented
Practical and Application-Oriented

Faculty and guest speakers convey the theoretical bases of the real estate business using many practical examples. Participants can deepen their knowledge and familiarize themselves with the latest valuation methods, key figures and current market trends. The tried-and-tested methods and tools can be applied directly in practice.

Icon of a Focus – SME
Focus Specifically on Real Estate Business

The program focuses on the most important topics in the real estate business and guarantees added value for participants from the finance industry and the real estate sector. The focus is on real estate valuation, portfolio management, real estate financing, as well as on the legal and tax aspects of real estate investments.

Study Modules

The program is divided into seven modules that address the most important management disci-plines. Participants learn to apply the content of these modules in a targeted manner.
Module 1 Real Estate Basics and Law

This module covers the legal and tax framework in Switzerland that applies to real estate investments.

Learning Objectives (Selection)

  • Be able to communicate with legal experts at eye level
  • Recognize legal risks at an early stage
  • Know Swiss tenancy law and its importance for institutional investors
Module 2 Real Estate Valuation

The module covers classical valuation concepts and gives participants a solid understanding of the approaches used in this area.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Acquire a sound knowledge of real estate valuation and its influencing factors
  • Apply models for national and international valuation methods
  • Examine and assess structural damage
Module 3 Real Estate Markets

The module offers a comprehensive overview of the importance of real estate markets with a clear focus on Switzerland.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Know and evaluate players in the Swiss real estate market
  • Understand real estate marketing and management
  • Understand the current market situation from an economic perspective
Module 4 Real Estate Portfolio Management

The module addresses the most important portfolio optimization approaches and provides the theoretical basis for integrating real estate into a multi-asset portfolio.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Understand portfolio planning, management, control and project development
  • Know the tasks of performance analysis, measurement and attribution of the real estate portfolio
  • Understand diversification possibilities of real estate in a multi-asset portfolio
Module 5 Real Estate Financing

This module examines the background of real estate financing, including mortgage financing, and its application in accordance with customer needs.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Know the basics of real estate financing
  • Understand the basics of the legal and tax framework of mortgage financing
  • Apply real estate financing options in a targeted manner in practice
Module 6 Real Estate Indices and Derivatives

The module provides in-depth knowledge on the use of real estate indices in the context of valuations as well as fundamentals of portfolio management.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Assess the opportunities and risks of using real estate derivatives
  • Know national and international real estate indices and derivatives
  • Learn more about real estate indices and their application in practice
Module 7 Real Estate and Taxes

The module expands on the content covered in Real Estate Portfolio Management with a practical focus on the tax aspects of real estate.

Learning objectives (selection)

  • Consider tax aspects of acquiring, holding and trading real estate
  • Understand legal aspects over the entire life cycle of a property
  • Understand and apply special topics in real estate tax law

Minor program changes and rearrangements are reserved.

Program Details

Goals & Benefits

This degree program focuses on the most important topics in the real estate business. You will expand your knowledge in the areas of real estate valuation, real estate portfolio management, and real estate financing.

The content is taught using practical examples and selected guest speakers. Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certificate from the University of Bern.

Modules, Dates & Professors
Block I: Real Estate Economics
25.09. – 28.09.2023
Prof. Dr. Donato Scognamiglio & Fabian Fischer
Block II: Real Estate Financing Law & Taxes
27.11. – 30.11.2023
Prof. Dr. Donato Scognamiglio, Fabian Fischer & Prof. Dr. Robert Göötz
Block III: Real Estate Valuation
26.02. – 29.02.2024
Prof. Dr. Donato Scognamiglio & Fabian Fischer

Please note that courses and dates can be subjects to change.

Applied Assignments

The classroom instruction is followed by a written examination at two-week intervals after each course block. The exams are conducted in electronic form, independent of location.

Exam Dates

  • E-exam Block I: October 20-21, 2023
  • E-exam Block II: December 22-23, 2023
  • E-exam Block III: March 22-23, 2024
Target Audience/Requirements

The course is aimed at experienced specialists from the real estate and financial world, for example banks, insurance companies, and pension funds.

Participants have:

  • Several years of practical experience in the finance or real estate industry
  • Good analytical skills and the ability to work on topics independently with the help of specialist literature
  • An academic background or equivalent professional qualification

Rochester-Bern decides which candidates to admit.

Program Fees

The fee for the seven modules of the CAS in Finance is CHF 13,900, which is invoiced directly through IAZI.

The program costs include program participation, course material, lunch on course days, and refreshments during breaks. Participants are responsible for any overnight expenses.

DAS/MAS Upgrade

It is possible to complement this course of study with further Rochester-Bern programs on a modular basis within five years. In this way, a “DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in General Management” can be acquired with one further CAS program (and a final thesis) within five years, or a “MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) in General Management” with four further CAS programs (and a final thesis).


Send your curriculum vitae, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation from a supervisor, diploma/grade sheet of the most recent major education to:

After a successful review of your documents, someone from Rochester-Bern Executive Programs or IAZI AG will contact you about the next steps.

Next Information Sessions

The information events for the CAS Real Estate Finance are listed on the IAZI page.

What Our Clients Say

Portrait Picture of Karin Aeberhard, CAS Real Estate Finance
Karin Aeberhard
CEO Real Estate Management artivis ag

“The real estate market is one of the most important economic sectors in Switzerland. For private individuals it stands for living space; for companies, it is a resource; and for the public, it has cultural significance. I therefore recommend the CAS Real Estate Finance to anyone who wants to delve deeper into the subject.

Portrait Picture of Pereira Marcos, Alumnus CAS Real Estate Finance
Marco Pereira
Project Manager Real Estate Development Marti Gesamtleistungen Ltd.

“We had many concrete examples and contributions by guest speakers that strengthened and deepened my knowledge of real estate transactions. I am convinced that everyone from the world of banking, finance, and real estate can benefit from this course.”

Portrait Picture of Donato Scognamiglio, CAS Real Estate Finance
Donato Sconagmiglio

“There are many important synergies between the financial and the real estate industry. I am convinced that the CAS will deliver real added benefits for participants from both sectors that they can apply in their field of expertise.”

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