Promoting the Strengths of SMEs

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SMEs do not have it easy compared to large companies. But they have strengths that they can use in a targeted way. Rochester-Bern Executive Programs therefore offers several training courses that specifically promote and professionalise SMEs.

Swiss SMEs are confronted with growing challenges: increasing competition, rapid technological transformations, exchange rates, innovation pressure, supply bottlenecks and political turmoil. Large companies often have advantages in relation to these challenges. For example, they have more reserves to weather times of crisis and are better able to handle high IT investments in the context of the digital transformation. But SMEs also have strengths, because they are usually more agile, innovative and creative than their large competitors. They therefore hold their own best on the market if they constantly develop further and use their strengths. They are forced to work ever more efficiently and to professionalise themselves in all areas – from front-line staff to the board of directors. Continuing education helps SMEs to stay ahead of the game and to survive in today’s competitive environment. Rochester-Bern Executive Programs therefore offers various courses of study that are specifically tailored to SMEs: The CAS Effective SME Management ,the CAS Leadership & Inclusion and the CAS Board of Directors. These programmes support managers and board members of SMEs on several levels:

Tools and practice models

Participants gain insights into numerous tools, models and theories that they can concretely apply in their companies. The programmes enable students to implement the most important business management disciplines in a goal-oriented manner as well as to promote innovation and change and to actively co-direct their companies.

New perspectives

Continuing education at Rochester-Bern gives students new outside perspectives. Participants move away from everyday problems and see the big picture again. Highly qualified lecturers from the best business schools teach new content, ideas and approaches.

Exchange and networking

An interesting composition of classes is important to Rochester-Bern. This allows for an exciting and inspiring exchange between people from different industries as well as a wide-ranging network.

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