Meliora letters

Your Educational Partner

Our Ambition in One Word: "Meliora!"
Meliora (latin), translated to “Ever Better”, is the motto of the Simon Business School at the University of Rochester, our founding partner in the United States. Meliora describes nicely what our customers can expect from us. We strive to continously improve what we do and aim to exceed the expectations of our individual and company customers by creating a unique learning and cooperation experience.

Explore Our Ambition

We encourage our participants to reflect on their business activities, acquire new perspectives, tools, and skills, apply what they have learned to their daily challenges, and grow their potential and network.

Our Vision

“We Make the Meaningful Difference”

It is our vision to contribute to a better and more sustainable world by inspiring, equipping, and connecting responsible leaders.

Our Mission

Icon of a Medal with a Star – Accreditation

We create a unique cooperation experience for all our stakeholders. In our courses, we foster holistic decision-taking by combining the power of analytics and soft skills.

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Customer Care

Our relationship with customers is anchored in respect, attentiveness, and responsibility. We believe in the power of networks and connect participants/alumni/-ae actively.

Icon of a Man and a Woman – Variety & Inclusion
Team Fulfilment

We challenge and encourage our team and faculty members and care about their well-being as well as their personal and professional development.

Icon von einer Hand mit Pflanzenblätter – Nachhaltigkeit

We encourage participants as well as team members to create continuous improvement and sustainable behavior in business, society, and environment.

Icon of a Light Bulb – Innovation & Grow
Innovation & Growth

We continuously improve our processes, strengthen our offering, and develop new business ideas to the benefit of all our stakeholders.

Icon of a House With Pillars – Financial Stability
Financial Stability

We make sure that we are self-financing our activities, using our customers’ money mindfully, and compensating our university partners as per contract.

Our Core Values

Respect & Fairness

We take our decisions and plan our actions based on respect and fairness for all our stake­holders and the environment we find ourselves in.

Trust & Loyality

We ensure that we are a trustworthy, reliable and loyal business partner for all our stakeholders and other parties by always giving our best.

Curiosity & Openness

We listen to our stakeholders and outside parties, ask questions, acquire know-how and are open to new ideas – always keen to learn, grow, and uncover opportunities.

Our Client Promise

“We’ll change the way you think”

In times of continuous change, managers need an integrated approach to thinking about management problems and a thorough understanding of the cross-functional nature of business decisions. We provide you the tools necessary to analyze, design, implement, manage, and govern successful business strategies. They support you to meet the challenges posed by today’s corporate world.

Explore Our Promise

Our claim «We’ll change the way you think» is grounded in our problem-solving approach. Participants acquire economic frameworks, proven tools and outside perspectives, which they apply to their businesses. This approach broadens their horizon and helps them to see their professional challenges from a different angle and to take decisions they would not have thought of before.