Brand Ambassador Dani Arnold

Meet Our Brand Ambassador

Dani Arnold – Swiss Alpinist & Extreme Climber

Extreme climbing has a lot to do with leadership, innovation, and goal orientation. That is why Dani Arnold has been accompanying Rochester-Bern as a brand ambassador since 2018.

Dani Arnold & RoBe

See how the partnership with extreme climber Dani Arnold underscores the values that distinguish RoBe.

Shared values

The extreme climber and speed record holder represents Rochester-Bern as an ambassador in and outside of Switzerland and embodies the shared values:

  • leading
  • goal-oriented
  • innovative
  • inspiring
  • analytical
  • approachable
Swiss alpinist and RoBe Ambassador Dani Arnold

About Dani Arnold

Dani Arnold was born on February 22, 1984, in Bürglen (Canton Uri). The Swiss alpinist has become the talk of climbers after blazing up the treacherous Eiger North Face with record-breaking speed. In 2015, he completed the fastest solo climb of the Matterhorn North Face. Another speed record was the ascent of the Petit Dru North Face of Mont Blanc in 2021. Furthermore, in 2023 he managed to break the solo speed record at Salbit.

Interviews with Dani Arnold

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