Participants of the Modular DAS/MAS programs

Modular MAS

Modular MAS in General Management

Take advantage of our MAS option and build your knowledge in modules you can choose freely within a flexible time frame. Earn a MAS in General Management by accumulating certificates of advanced studies (CAS) and selected single courses, combined with a final thesis.

Overview of Degrees

Icon of a Mortarboard – Degree
Certificate of Advanced Studies
at least 10 ECTS
Icon of a Mortarboard – Degree
Diploma of Advanced Studies
at least 30 ECTS
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Master of Advanced Studies
At least 60 credits

Modular Offer, MAS in General Management

Are you looking for a flexible and individualized continuing education that is compatible with a dynamic professional and personal life? Embark on your flexible learning journey with us to earn an MAS in General Management with three to four coordinated certificates of advanced studies (CAS), short course(s), and a final thesis. Below you find the building blocks of our modular offering, we would be delighted to to discuss potential option with you to assure your personal needs are met.


Our CAS offering for executives and/or board members




For the MAS degree a minimum of 60 ECTS points is required, the master thesis accounts for 15 ECTS. Depending on the CAS selection, the missing ECTS can be reached with either an additional CAS or selected single courses based on your interests as well as respective candidate requirements. Following a couple of examples:




We are happy to put together your personal package for review in order to support you in the selection process.

Final Thesis

Choice of subject & language

The topic for the final paper can be freely chosen in the context of the CAS courses attended. The paper will be 30-40 pages and written in German or English, as preferred.


  • Initial situation with the chosen problem/issue
  • Data access for the analysis (e.g. topic-specific literature, industry-specific studies, company-internal surveys)
  • Methodology for problem solving (e.g. written survey or personal interviews)
  • Problem solution proposal including an implementation plan with a change management component
Support & Procedure

Participants are supervised by a faculty member of their choice from the Rochester-Bern network. Each of the following steps is followed by detailed feedback from the supervisor.

  • Topic proposal (one page)
  • Concept for elaborating of the idea (3-4 pages)
  • Submission of the final paper (30-40 pages)
Time Frame & Fees

The thesis can be started after successful completion of all required courses based on the individual combination. In order to ensure appropriate flexibility alongside professional life, the master thesis time window can be designed for a maximum of six months.

The cost for the overall MAS degree consists of the individual course components as well as the master thesis. Please reach out to discuss your ideal MAS package based on your needs and experiences.

Complete your MAS by submitting a final thesis within six months of completing your coursework.

Contact us for a personal consultation to discuss which combination suits you best.