Storytelling Against Racism

Melanie Luu makes Storytelling against racism
She is a successful content creator and video producer in Zurich. Although she speaks perfect Swiss German, she is always spoken to in English, even when she has long since replied in “Zurich-German”. Melanie Luu shares her experiences as an Asian in Switzerland.

Melanie Luu studied “Trends & Identity” at the Zurich University of Arts and works as a content specialist at Jim & Jim, an agency for digital strategies and content creation. Their clients include Zurich Airport, ewz and Lucerne Tourism, for whom Melanie Luu develops and implements creative content ideas.

The successful businesswoman from Zurich was already confronted with Asian racism as a child, even if she repressed this for a long time. She was called a Chink or even aggressively approached. The stereotypical image of Asian people has accompanied her all her life: submissive, quiet and always friendly. Luu has sometimes consciously tried to resist this stereotype: “I always had the feeling that I had to be louder than others in order not to sink.”

Means to better process prejudice and discrimination

Fortunately, for some years now she has found a means that helps her to better process prejudice and discrimination. In private, she cultivates exchanges with people who have had similar experiences of racism, and in her job, she tries to focus on diversity in storytelling and to break with stereotypes.

We are very happy that Melanie Luu will share her knowledge about storytelling as well as her experiences as an Asian in Switzerland with us in our CAS Leadership and Inclusion.