The Capstone Project 2020

Capstone Teamwork
EMBA Class 25 student’s blog for all prospective students, by Katrin Tännler

Our “class 25 WhatsApp chat” was pretty silent over the festive days, I guess everybody needed the break and was happy to have some lecture-free weeks to relax and enjoy time with their loved ones. We’re now one year into the program – Yahoo! – and it seems the end is in sight. But “hold your horses” (special keepsake to Karl), it’s not over just yet! The program started with high speed into the new year with two deadlines for assignments (I envied those who were disciplined enough to deal with this before Christmas), a class weekend, and the first preparation for our Capstone Project.

Since the very beginning of the program, the faculty spoke about the Capstone project with seriousness and determination. The traditional definition for capstone is a final “crowning” and protective stone laid at the top of an exterior wall. The Capstone Project is that stone, on the outside wall, seen by everyone, that shows we have completed the monumental task of earning our EMBA degree.

The Capstone Project is Teamwork

Before we start, everyone needs a team, a handful of classmates that work together on the project. You can imagine that after so many months together in the program including some “intense” (in a positive way) weeks in the US, we all know pretty well who would be a good fit from a personal point of view and with what group of people it would be possible to do such a project. We need to complement each other, create a challenging environment to get the most out of the team, and further develop skills that will help us in our careers.

Once the capstone team is formed, the team needs to choose a capstone project topic that interests us and has practical and scientific relevance, thus, enabling our research to contribute to knowledge in this field. We will make a proposal to our advisor during our “innovation weekend” beginning of February and the topic will, hopefully, be accepted. We can’t wait to start with the research on the subject, extract our findings and results and conclude on the topic. We will finalize our Capstone project as a paper, short film, or multimedia presentation, (who knows?) and by May 2020, we will give an oral project presentation to a panel of teachers and experts who collectively evaluate its quality.

So, what else are we doing besides the Capstone until June? The topics Strategic Marketing, Marketing Management, Corporate Strategy, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurial Thinking, Management in Transition Economies and a study excursion to Shanghai will keep us busy.

Last weekend, we were counting the weekends we will spend in Thun together and could not believe that there are only two weekends left in this beautiful environment! Time flies and June is just around the corner.