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A board of directors position offers a fascinating range of creative opportunities at the top management level. The responsibility that comes with this job has increased significantly in recent years. With our CAS Board of Directors board members can make targeted investments in their knowledge and skills.

Overview CAS Board of Directors

Icon of a Mortarboard – Degree
Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Board of Directors
University of Bern
Certified Board Member
Rochester-Bern Executive Programs
Icon of a Clock – Course Start
Course Starts
Fall | Spring
November 15, 2023 | March 13, 2024
August 21, 2024
Icon of a Location Pin – Venue
University of Bern
Icon of a Calendar - Events
Five blocks of 2.5 days each
Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon
Kick off
Each Wednesday evening before the first module
Icon of a Stopwatch – Duration
10 months
Icon of a Clock in front of a Schedule – Application Deadline
Application Deadlines
May 31, 2024 (Summer)
October 15, 2024 (Fall)
January 31, 2024 (Spring)
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Program Language
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Program Fees
CHF 14,800
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Est. 2016
Switzerland's first Board of Directors program with a university degree

Why choose the CAS Board of Directors of Rochester-Bern?

Learn more about the program: Our students explain, what they value about the study and how it has moved them forward.

Your Benefits

Icon von einer Zertifikatsrolle mit Schleife
Course with University Certificate

Rochester-Bern set new standards in 2016 as Switzerland's first continuing education course for BoD members with a university certificate. Upon successful completion, participants receive both a CAS Board of Directors from the University of Bern and the Certified Board Member qualification from Rochester-Bern. Hundreds of BoD members already hold these titles.

Icon of a Monitor with a Mortarboard – Application-Oriented
Practical and Applied Approach

Three elements characterize the program: Lecturers from the Rochester-Bern network teach the theoretical bases and lead applied sessions. Experienced individuals encourage the participants to exchange ideas and self-reflect. Practical knowledge transfer tasks ensure that you can apply what you learned directly to your own situation.

Icon of a Focus – SME
Specific Focus on Swiss SMEs

Switzerland is a country of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are the backbone of the economy. The course focuses specifically on the needs and challenges of BoDs in SMEs. In addition to the typical tasks of BoDs, overarching topics such as succession, digital transformation or sustainability are repeatedly addressed.

Icon of Hands Holding a Diamond – Advisory Board
Top-class Advisory Board

An advisory board whose members are experienced board of directors from various industries helps to define the focus and assure the quality for further developing the program. Careful selection of individual advisory board members ensures applied knowledge transfer across industries and anchors the program in the Swiss corporate landscape.

Study Modules

The course is divided into five modules that address a board range of key topics. In addition, you can attend a specialization module for foundation board members.
Module 1 Governance of the Modern Board of Directors

The module addresses the legal and corporate rights and duties of board members as well as the essential control parameters for successful board of director activity.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Master the elements of good corporate governance
  • Appoint steering committees (board of directors, executive board)
  • Implement and manage contemporary risk management
Module 2 Strategic Leadership in the Board of Directors

The module teaches you how a board of directors defines its strategic direction to ensure consistency and keep the company agile.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Know the elements and methods of strategy development
  • Ensure sustainable competitiveness
  • Turn the owner’s strategy, vision and mission into measurable, lived principles
Module 3 Financial Management by the Board of Directors

The module addresses the key elements for the successful financial management of the company by the board of directors.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Understand the benefits of systematic financial analysis
  • Know the instruments in the financial cockpit of the board of directors, the basics of financial planning and tax effects
  • Evaluate investment projects and financing methods
Module 4 HR Management in the Board of Directors

The module addresses how a board of directors can manage the company’s HR strategy to ensure long-term success in an agile environment.

 Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Select and appoint qualified and able members to an executive board and a board of directors
  • Establish effective competency portfolios, compensation models and succession plans
  • Attract, develop and retain skilled employees also from younger generations
Module 5 Leading the Board of Directors in the Context of Digitalization and Innovation

The module addresses the role of the board of directors in terms of innovation, digital transformation and change, which have a significant effect on the future development of the company.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Know innovation sources, methods and processes
  • Understand the responsibility of the board of directors in the digital transformation
  • Influence the ability of the company to change
Seminar for Foundation Boards Optional

Optionally, you can attend a three-day module that prepares you for the special challenges of serving on a foundation board.

Switzerland is home to a diverse foundation landscape. The demands on foundation boards are constantly increasing, and the need to professionalize the highest body is growing. In the seminar, you will acquire the tools you need for participating competently in the foundation board. Participants of the CAS – Board of Directors who attend the seminar receive an extended certificate from Rochester-Bern.

Specialization Module for Foundation Boards

The seminar for Foundation Boards provides the theoretical and practical tools for professional action in a challenging environment.

Learning Objectives (selection)

  • Know the best practices in foundation governance
  • Understand the basics of foundation formation and the legal framework
  • Conduct effective fundraising and analyze the impact of foundation funds

Program Details

Goals & Benefits

With the CAS Board of Directors, you can professionalize your board activities. You will benefit from exchanging ideas with directors in other industries and deepen your practical and theoretical knowledge.

This university-based continuing education program focuses on the Swiss SME landscape and ensures knowledge transfer for long-term success.

Modules, Dates & Professors
Team Rochester-Bern
Governance of the Modern Board of Directors
14.03. – 16.03.2024
Claudio Loderer
Professor Claudio Loderer
University of Bern, Switzerland
Financial Management
16.05. – 18.05.2024
Urs Wälchli
Professor Urs Wälchli
Simon Business School, University of Rochester, U.S.
Strategic Leadership
27.06. – 29.06.2024
Thomas Keil
Professor Thomas Keil
University of Zürich
12.09. – 14.09.2024
Tatjana Zbinden | Dr. Andreas Wenger
Leadership in Context of Digitalization and Innovation
21.11. – 23.11.2024
Marc Gruber
Professor Marc Gruber
École polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland

Please note that courses and dates can be subjects to change.

Applied Assignments

The performance assessments are an important part of the practical learning in the program. Following each module, you independently solve a practice-relevant knowledge transfer task in which you apply the knowledge you have acquired to your work on the board of directors or foundation board. Thus, the company benefits directly from your participation in the course.

Target Audience/Requirements

The course is aimed at active members of the boards of directors and foundation boards. Individuals interested without a mandate can apply sur dossier.

The course is designed for

  • Members of boards of directors of companies with more than ten employees who currently hold a mandate or held one recently.
  • Members of foundation boards with legal authority who currently hold a mandate or held one recently.
  • Sur dossier candidates: Prospective board members with a suitable background (member of executive boards of organizations with at least ten employees, proximity to the company’s board of directors) and a letter of recommendation from a chairperson.

A diverse composition of the CAS class is important to us, and we therefore focus on the personal interview, which follows after you submit the application. Statements on your professional career, ambitions, (planned) activities on the board of directors, and your motivation for this further education program help us to optimally select course participants.

Program Fees

The fee for the five modules is CHF 14,800. The fee for the seminar for foundation boards is an additional CHF 3,500.

The program fee includes participation in the program, electronic course materials, lunch on course days, one dinner per module, refreshments during breaks, examination fees, and the closing ceremony. Participants are responsible for any overnight expenses.

The course materials are provided electronically; participants use their own laptop (or tablet) in class.


Members of our partners can benefit from discounts. Our partners are listed here.

DAS/MAS Upgrade

It is possible to combine this degree program in a modular way with other Rochester-Bern programs. In this way, a “DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) in General Management” can be acquired with another CAS degree program and individual modules (as well as a final thesis) or a “MAS (Master of Advanced Studies) in General Management” or with two further CAS programs and individual modules (as well as a final thesis).


Academic Management
Prof. Dr. Claudio Loderer, Delegate of the Board of Trustees, the William E. Simon Foundation, Switzerland

Co-Founder and Consulting
Franziska Hügli, lic.rer.pol. Entrepreneur and member of the board of directors of SMEs Prof. Dr. Urs Wälchli, lecturer, entrepreneur, board member and expert in entrepreneurial finance

Overall Responsibility
Prof. Dr. Petra Joerg, CEO, Rochester-Bern Executive Programs

Advisory Board

An advisory board of entrepreneurial leaders helps to define the focus, assure the quality and anchor the program in the business landscape.

  • Olivier Chuard, Chairman of the Board of Directors Livesystem Holding AG
  • Axel Förster, Chairman of the Board and CEO Rychiger AG
  • Urs Nussbaum, Delegate of the Board of Directors of R. Nussbaum AG
  • Gabriela Maria Payer, member of several boards and entrepreneur
  • Alexander Schärer, Chairman of the Board of USM U. Schärer Söhne AG
  • Pia Tischhauser, Senior Partner & Managing Director Boston Consulting Group
  • Sandra von May-Granelli, Chairwoman of the Board of Feusi Bildungszentrum AG and Private Hochschule Wirtschaft PHW AG
  • Christian Wasserfallen, Chairman of the Board of Walo Bertschinger AG Bern, member of the Board of Tschudin AG
  • Chairman: Dr. Claudio Loderer
Icon of an Application Form with a pencil next to it
Step 1
Online Application

Download the application package and complete it electronically. If a signature is required, please print out the document and sign and scan it. You can then upload the completed documents to the application portal. The following documents are required for a complete application. In addition, all terms and conditions must be read and accepted.

  • Copy of ID or passport
  • Current curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • Proof of credentials or letter of recommendation
  • Copy of your highest level diploma
  • Portrait photo
  • Additional information (see application package)

Once your complete application has been uploaded, we will contact you about dates for an interview.

Icon of two Speech Bubbles – Initial Meeting
Step 2
Personal Interview

A personal interview will be conducted to determine if your qualifications and specific needs match the program.

Icon of an Application Form with a Check Mark – Admission Decision
Step 3
Admission Decision

The admission decision is made after the interview.

Class Statistics

In our classes, we seek to combine a diversity of profiles to provide you with the most beneficial classroom experience and professional network possible. Here you can find the statistics of a typical class.



(female students)
29% 51

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What Our Clients Say

Portrait Picture of Silvio Bertini, Alumnus CAS Board of Directors
Silvio Bertini
CFO Raiffeisen Switzerland

“The CAS was a valuable experience for me to stay up to date in my current board positions. As an active board member in various areas, I take my responsibilities very seriously. The modules combined theory, practical aspects, and participants’ applied knowledge, thus providing me with valuable tips for my work as a board member.”

Portrait Picture of Iris Augsburger, Alumna CAS Board of Directors
Iris Augsburger
Owner and Chair of H2O Wasser erleben AG

“The course has given me a lot of confidence because it broadened my expertise and expanded my network. Among other things, I found the ideal board member for my company among my fellow students.”

Portrait Picture of Sarah Schläppi, Alumna CAS Board of Directors
Sarah Schläppi
Attorney at Law and Managing Director, Bracher & Partner, Multiple Administrator

“What remains from the CAS Boards of Directors is not only the theory and the good inputs from the speakers’ practice, but above all the networking and exchange in the class itself. This is particularly valuable because the class was very well mixed, both in terms of gender, age, expertise, education, etc. Stimulated discussions and an exchange beyond the duration of the course are thus guaranteed.”

Portrait Picture of Peter Schmid, Alumnus CAS Board of Directors
Peter Schmid
Chairman of the Board of Directors DR. MEYER Immobilien AG

“The interactive exchange between lecturers and course participants, but also the continuing contact after completion of the CAS, are very valuable. The good class composition sparked a spirit in us, with noticeable energy for the topics of the board of directors and challenges of our time. What counts in the end is the security gained, a network and many learnings from the practical work.”

Dave Mürner
Dave Mürner
Co-Founder and VRP, NORDFABRIK AG (

The program offers me a concentrated load of new knowledge that I can apply very aptly to my work as a board member. A concrete example where I was already able to use what I learned was in the strategic development of a business model in a new company.

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